It is amazing how my perspective on the world has changed since  the man who can suddenly do no wrong  decided to whisk me off to Paris for Christmas and Boxing day.

I find myself doing a little jig to the Christmas songs playing in the shops, instead of grumpily moaning “I wish they would change the record”.

Today (December 3rd!)   I sailed I good humouredly through the shopping for presents and even smiled instead of glowering,  at the other lady who tried to grab the last Skylanders Giant in the toy shop, shrugging my shoulders in sympathy, instead of triumph  as I put the Skylanders Giant, this years must have present,  in my trolley! ( I still hung onto it though!LOL!)

Normally I hate Christmas shopping and put it off for as long as I can, usually rushing around at the last minutes because I refuse to recognise that it is Christmas till the week before,   but today I took joy in the pleasure of anticipating the giving.

I am noticing  how pretty the sparkling lights are, decorating the social housing estate I cycle past on my way home, instead of  seeing them as tacky and premature,  as most have been up since November, ever reminding me that Christmas is round the corner.

 I might even get my own, minimal Christmas tree  down from the loft this weekend and put it up!

Today I was delighted to receive my first Christmas card. and smiled as the Easons have beaten the Tooles this year in the race for the first card.

I have realised to my delight,  that I do not need to get involved in  the usual nightmare Christmas “big food shop” on 23rd December ,  when people fill their supermarket trolleys as if the end of the world is nigh, not to mention a famine so serious that if we did not stock up, we would all be emaciated by the 27thDecember, when normal service is resumed.  Another relief off my shoulders.

I do not need to plan the food!  yay!

I am even good humouredly writing Christmas cards, a task I usually hate.

Women of the world, this seems to be the answer to the annual build  up of pressure to Christmastime  that even this woman falls victim to.

 Even though I thought I told myself ” I don’t do Christmas and it’s only a day” I must  have on a subconscious level have been sucked in by all the advertising, tinsel and other razamataz that the Christmas season brings, because there is a noticeable absence of  tension in me.

The man who can suddenly do no wrong,  has provisionally booked a Christmas dinner at   Brasserie Julien, a traditional Parisien Brasserie, with Velvet curtains at the door and Art Nouveau decor…. and was also looking at breakfast at a big five star hotel, but I have had this kind of breakfast and really feel it is too much to pay 50 euro just for breakfast.

He has booked a superior room at the Hotel du Pantheon, facing the Pantheon.

Double room - Romantic with view

 One of those quaint, cosy, friendly little Parisian hotels, that we know.   I would have preferred a hotel near to Notre dame, but he is paying and knows the hotel so I went with his choice.

We will be near St-Etienne-du-Mont, where the car picked up Gil in Midnight in Paris, so hopefully we can have our own midnight mass at the church and the bells will ring on Christmas morning.

Is this what they mean by Christmas spirit?

Love it!

Love everybody!


Love from Bolton


17 thoughts on “NO MORE BAH HUMBUG!

  1. “The man who can suddendly do no wrong” has made a good choice of hotel ! I’ve stayed at hôtel du Pantheon a few years ago and found it great. A bit far away from the metro but a lovely neighborhhood, very quiet and peaceful during school holidays, and close to the Luxembourg gardens too. I’m sure you will love it !


    • Hi Anne, the first apartment we stayed in on Rue Tournefort was owned by this hotel chain and we have stayed in the Hotel de Design Sorbonne, round the corner , owned by them also, both excellent, so I know it is a good choice. The Luxenbourg RER from the airport is close by and of course the buses, but I anticipate we will be walking most places on such a short visit, Thanks for dropping by, I hope you find my new blog easier for comment.

      Love Denise


  2. Oh Denise, what a great post! I’d be feeling as happy if I knew I’d be spending Christmas in Paris. Nice. Very nice.
    I’m like you, I dread shopping and always wait til the last minute when I’m stressed beyond imagination. I’ve also decided that I want to enjoy it and start soon this year.
    We’ll see hahaha
    Take care.
    Sylvia S.


      • Hooray for you to have so much “Christmas Spirit”!! I wish you could send some of that to me as I just can’t get with it this year – haven’t even started anything Christmas yet and now will be so far behind that I’m not sure I’ll ever get it done! Maybe I should book a Paris flight and the “spirit” will come alive in me as well!! LOL!! Great post and happy to know that this is becoming such a jolly time for you – Enjoy Paris! Fantastic of Michael to plan this wonderful trip!


      • Hi Denise i am in aw at your talent and very proud to call you my Sister-in-law.we wait every day to see what your next blog will be x, [nice one Michael ]


        • Hi Sylvia. Nice to see you here. Thanks for you comments. (blushes) Lots of Sylvias!!! here. One way of keeping up with me from so far away……just wait till I get to California plenty material there. Waiting for inspiration at the moment.

          Love Denise… to David


  3. Ho, ho, ho! Happy holidays, Denise. I’m not a shopper or Christmas card writer but I love the special feeling in the air at this time of year. Please tell “the man who can suddenly do no wrong” that I think he’s a real sweetheart for organizing your Christmas trip to Paris. The Hotel du Pantheon looks lovely.


  4. I wondered where you are staying! I’ve always liked the look of the Hotel du Pantheon but when we used to stay in hotels it was out of our price range. I’m sure it will be lovely.
    Your bit about Christmas music reminded me of an incident in a restaurant in Edinburgh at lunch time a couple of days ago. The usual Christmas song compilation was playing quietly in the background when an American woman called the waitress over and complained long and loudly about the crap music which she considered barely suitable for a supermarket and not something she would expect to hear in a nice restaurant! The waitress was most apologetic and went to inquire if it could be changed but it was not to be. I’d hardly registered the music until then but after this could hear nothing else!


  5. I’m so glad you’re getting into the Christmas spirit! I’m also glad that you found a restaurant open in Paris!! I’ve received several emails from readers coming into town that day, looking for recommendations and I feel like such a shit because I don’t have any. So I’m pleased that you will be well fed!

    I 100% agree with you, 50 euros is steep for breakfast. Especially when it will just be coffee, oj and pastries! You can get the same breakfast and culture at any local brasserie! I imagine one or two will be open!

    Looking forward to reading about your Parisian adventures and Happy Holidays! xo.


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