Denise stood in her kitchen and looked at the table.  She  well remembered the first time she excitedly  came into the kitchen through the door on the side.  33 years ago today. With her young husband and two young children.  Full of hope and anticipation. Her daughter, Sunshine was one and  her son,Bloggerman was three.  It was not … Continue reading



The travel  bug struck me late in life.  Not for me the student rovings on international trains, backpacking or hostels. I was a working class girl who neither had the desire,  experience or opportunity to travel in my youth.  Then chronic homesickness, that painful yearning for  the familiarity of my own bed whenever I left … Continue reading

Eureka / National children museum. rainy day things to do. Halifax

EUREKA! "We don’t stop playing becuase we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing…

……this is the motto written above the entrance to the National Children’s museum at Halifax.  A wonderful interactive world of  games,  wonder and exploration. Which is not only entertaining for children but for their carers also. Once you have paid the modest entrance fee, this enables you to visit again free for the next year….a very good deal. …My daughter and … Continue reading


EAT, FAST AND LIVE LONG….or more about fasting.

Fascination Horizon programme about aging and the benefits of fasting last night. The Presenter Michael Mosley,  looked at the research around longevity and discovered it is all about genes and diet.  You can’t do anything about genes but you can adapt your diet. Amazingly he discovered that during the great depression, when people were restricted for food, life expectancy increased by 6 years First he looked … Continue reading