Its a bit disconcerting when you visit a museum and find things that were items you remember, like our car when I was a child The pram I had for my babies. and the Triumph Herald car I had when I was 21. I spent  really enjoyable couple of hours, browsing the Riverside Museum,  Gasglows Transport … Continue reading


MORE GLASGOW…and a post that took off on it’s own.

I try to avoid political comment here on my blog.  Mainly because in public service jobs, people have lost their jobs by expressing political views.  They have been accused of “bringing the profession or the organisation into disrepute” so it is safer not to comment. Personally I believe that this breaches their right to free speech.  Even though I do  not … Continue reading

Glasgow / motown. solo trips.Royal concert hall / music / Northern Soul


In 1968 I used to go to a club called the Twisted Wheel in Manchester. They played American music from the  Tamla Motown genre. This music scene eventually became known as “Northern Soul”.  Peculiar to Northern England.   Twisted Wheel, Wigan Casino, Blackpool Mecca, Bolton Va VA club,. were all venues where enthusiast of this music would gather and … Continue reading