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BUT IT IS NOT QUITE THE TOWER OF LONDON!So here I am, trailing around the town of Vincennes, looking for somewhere to eat. With all good intentions I have brought fruit and yoghurt but I have cycled around the Bois de Vincennes all morning and I am starving.The Bois de Vincennes was beautiful in a … Continue reading

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LA CUISINE PARIS! A French cooking class in Paris,  is not something I would normally consider, but when a lady called Nancy from tripadvisor invited me to join her along with two other friends, Mary Kay and Jane, I thought it would be an interesting experience. I wasn’t wrong. The chef took us though the … Continue reading

Mary Quant dress.

WHAT TO WEAR IN PARIS? It was the dress that started it,…… hanging seductively in Marks and Spencer, reminiscent of my youth. 1966, Mary Quant,  first boyfriend,  girlfriends,  first holidays without  parents.  Balmy nights in hot nightclubs, dancing the night away….and fun!So I bought it to go to Paris.My Paris clothes were at home, neatly awaiting final packing and … Continue reading


PRE-PARIS TENSION. I’ve done it again!…posted a grumpy comment on tripadvisor today, instead of minding my own business……and this morning I over reacted to something Michael said, resulting in a door slamming, shrieking argument. (me doing the door slamming etc This is the last weekend and five days before my next Paris trip and I frantically clean … Continue reading


“LIFE IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU’RE MAKING PLANS.” Every year I am required to have an appraisal. During which I am required to reflect on what has happened over the past year and see how I could have done better (why? I don’t want to do it again!) and visualise where I want to be … Continue reading


WELCOME TO MY SLIMMING WORLD!Jamie Olivers book ” 30 minute meals”became my cooking bible, when somebody gave it to me as a present 18 month ago. Trouble is his recipies are full of olive oil and cream and ment for four at least four and they are so delicious that, when there are two of … Continue reading