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MAKING THE MOST OF IT! (days eight to twelve)

My dear Michael suffers from a condition called MDS, Myelodysplasia.  One of the results is that he is immunosuppressed and  has outbreaks of horrendous mouth ulcers.  I am not just talking the tiny things that you or I would have.  These are 2-3cm wide and very deep. They are very painful and take a long time to … Continue reading



While I was away, staying in hotels,with a buffet style breakfast I found it interesting to observe what other nationalities have for breakfast. The British of course are well know for their “full English” Grapefruit followed by Bacon fried eggs, sausage tomatoe mushrooms  and often beans, plus fried bread or toast, and jam/marmalade. We don’t eat this at home every day, … Continue reading


HALLELUJAH! ( day seven)

We caught the launch of the Estonian, olympic team uniform in the Viru Kesus shopping centre. This very enthusiastic lady, lead the show. We saw models, gymnasts,dancers, a beautiful young solist singer  and athletes showing off the kit.  and some very clever abseiling down a sign! The rowing team seemed very popular. Finishing with a rousing rendition of the … Continue reading



If you ever visit Helsinki, check it is  not a public holiday… this is the mistake we made. On Thursday May 17th it was Ascension day.  All the shops were closed, the stunning  Russian cathedral was closed also, but we did manage to see the Lutheran Cathedral. As you aproach Helsinki from the sea.  The Cathedral is visible as … Continue reading


AN EVENING STROLL IN HELSINKI. (day four, continued))

Lutheran church of St Nicolas, or Helsinki cathedral Upenski cathedral, Russian Orthodox. City Hall Market place at the Harbour Stone turtles at the harbour Pleasure/bar ship in the harbour Members lounge at the Kamp Hotel Traditional salmon soup and rye bread at the Kamp hotel Plus dessert of white chocolate cheesecake with traditional cloud berries … Continue reading