Im.reposting this because somehow it got put in December 2014,, probably when I first found this poem. Its so much more relevent today. After a while….. I love this poem by Veronica  A Shaftstall After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul. And you learn that love … Continue reading



Hello. I’ve just decided to write a blog post  for some reason. Two years ten months and eight  days since Michael died. ………… I always say ,” died,”  I don’t  like  euphemisms like “past on” ‘,” passed,” ” passed away”  passed over (  passed what)  “lost” (,do we need a search party ?)   They  all … Continue reading

Grief / Paris

Grief is a strange thing.    I’ve lost people before,.  My father, suddenly, when I was 28.   My mother, gradually, to Alzheimer’s when I was 53.    A bit like childbirth, I think the human psyche, wipes the memory of that pain.  And also, like birth every experience is different. What I do remember, … Continue reading