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Assignment #1 – Art in the Park

Originally posted on Wyrd Creativity:
The aim of this assignment was to explore people”s barriers to being creative. It turned out though to develop into how to engage people in creative pursuits as well as how to organise a creative event. I am blessed to belong to a conservation group (Bolton NEWT) who run regular…




Im.reposting this because somehow it got put in December 2014,, probably when I first found this poem. Its so much more relevent today. After a while….. I love this poem by Veronica  A Shaftstall After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul. And you learn that love … Continue reading



Hello. I’ve just decided to write a blog post  for some reason. Two years ten months and eight  days since Michael died. ………… I always say ,” died,”  I don’t  like  euphemisms like “past on” ‘,” passed,” ” passed away”  passed over (  passed what)  “lost” (,do we need a search party ?)   They  all … Continue reading

Grief / Paris

Grief is a strange thing.    I’ve lost people before,.  My father, suddenly, when I was 28.   My mother, gradually, to Alzheimer’s when I was 53.    A bit like childbirth, I think the human psyche, wipes the memory of that pain.  And also, like birth every experience is different. What I do remember, … Continue reading