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2013-02-25 11.14.59Last week  in Four Seasons George V, I had what must be the most expensive hot chocolate in Paris, if not the world.  At 22 euros their thick dark  chocolate traditional comes in a pot to pour from and was truly delicious, but I am not sure I would pay so much again!

My curiosity had been aroused by Out and about in Paris post about their wedding anniversary afternoon tea.

However when I read it again I discovered that Stephanes favourite tipple had come with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles, which mine had not.   Had I missed something?

2013-02-25 12.12.55

Four seasons George V hotel is a favourite hang out for me and my Paris friends,  but it has also become the benchmark for any service at any hotel or restaurant we happen to frequent.

We watched fascinated as the immaculate staff go about their daily work with just the right amount of discretion and friendliness.

  Who trains these people, how do they  train them?  Do they just only recruit NICE people to work there, people who’s main pleasure in life is to be of service and make people happy?

Frankly I would find it tiresome to cope with the demands and rudeness  I have sometimes seen  displayed by of some of the clientèle there.   Still I guess that is why I do the job I do and not work in the service industry.

2013-02-25 12.08.24

Sitting, sipping my hot chocolate in the comfortable lounge of George V I couldn’t help comparing it with the 5 star Lowry Hotel in Manchester, where I had taken afternoon tea with my friend Redqueen earlier in the week.

2013-02-19 14.18.19

Cool ultra modern lounge area

Cool ultra modern lounge area

The afternoon tea had cost a similar price and was very nice  and whilst the artwork was impressive there were subtle differences that makes George V in a different league.

2013-02-19 14.25.59

Artwork displayed at the Lowry Hotel Manchester

Artwork at the Lowry

Artwork at the Lowry

2013-02-19 14.58.59

Delicious afternoon tea at the Lowry Manchester.

2013-02-19 16.13.32

Uninspiring dining room.  The pictures on the walls are crooked!

For example, when I sat waiting in the bar  at the Lowry to meet my friend  I noticed a few crumbs on the coffee table next to mine.  For the whole of the ten minutes I waited nobody noticed or came to clear it up.   The windows  where not quite sparkling and there was dust in some corners.  There is usually an attendant, polishing the taps at George V.  Not so at the Lowry.

Toilets on George V

Toilets on George V

A good five minutes passed before anybody greeted me or asked if they could be of help.  At George V you are greeted and the waiter would be over straight away.  and although the Lowry staff are clean and smart, they are not quite as immaculate as the French staff, who have great posture and who must be inspected to a high standard every day before work.

Ok, I know it sounds pedantic but if you are paying 22 euros for hot chocolate or afternoon tea, you are not just paying for the food or chocolate  which you could get at any cafe, you are paying a premium for exceptional service and ambiance.

Or maybe George V has spoiled me for any other place!

Love Denise.

and a year ago I was being a tourist in Manchester.   This strangely reminds me of Boston!



  1. You didn’t get any chocolate sprinkles and whipped cream with your hot chocolate?! That’s the best part! Being a frugal Swiss, Stephane has found that it’s more cost effective to take hot chocolate rather than tea when we go for afternoon tea because the hot chocolate is so expensive when you order it on its own. The only downside is that it’s so rich that he can rarely finish all the desserts and treats that come with afternoon tea. Now that I think about it, Stephane usually has a long discussion about his hot chocolate with the waiter to ensure that it comes with all the toppings.

    It was very interesting to read about the differences that you noticed between the Lowry and the George V.

    Thanks for the shout out and link to my blog!


  2. I too was shocked at the price of your hot chocolate!! I thought the one I had at the Meurice two days prior to our being at the George V was high – that was 14 Euro and no toppings there either – plus the service at the Meurice has gone down a bit – although I guess it was made up by the “free” meal that I enjoyed when I “crashed” the party while watching the children doing their dance!! Still can’t believe that no one said one word to me!!! Glad you posted pics of both the George V and the Lowry – quite a contrast! And count me in as being one of your friends who favors George V when visiting Paris – I have been going there since 2006 when Tim and I went to Paris for our anniversary! The service is impeccable and I never feel uncomfortable being there – quite relaxed actually! And now that I know Jeff, will be sure to go more often!! LOL!!!


    • Oh Sandy, you should have your own blog, The story of how you gatecrashed a childrens party at the Meurice, AND the story of how you met and charmed Jeff Leahem, the florist at George V, were hilarious!


      • Thanks, Denise – I have thought of writing a Blog and would probably attempt it but I’m just not that good at writing like you and others are – my tongue and brain would both be tied up if I would try to put my thoughts down on paper! Someday, maybe I’ll try – oh, but then there’s the problem of not having a clue on how to start – guess I’ll have to have the little neighbor boy show me how – he’s 14 and a computer whiz!


  3. Hi Denise– I want you to know how much I love your blog. I had my first visit to Paris over the December/January holidays and your blog and associated photos brings back wonderful memories. — Best regards, Mimi.


  4. I’ve been to Paris 4 times and I’ve never been to George V. After reading your blog entry I’m thinking that I will need to go there next time, perhaps not for the hot chocolate, but for the experience. It sounds wonderful.


    • Morning is a nice quite time to go , as we did last week. Thn ehotel is quiet.. Micheal and I have spent many an afternoon listening to a pianist playing in the Lounge. from around 1400h. Go early and you may be lucky enough to get a seat. The cost of the tea or coffee is offset by the excellent “concert”.


  5. I’ve never been inside George V in all the times I’ve been to Paris. I’ve sat outside on the Champs Elysee with the Princess eating ice cream which I recall was very expensive too. Agree with you about the Lowry Denise, I enjoyed the afternoon tea but was not very impressed with it as a 5 star establishment. I think it’s the attention to detail that makes a really 5 star hotel stand out and the Lowry didn’t do it for me. Maybe the Hilton will be better!


  6. what I can’t work out it is… I’ve signed up for your blog but I don’t get notification in my email! I will have to ask my Marc what I’m doing wrong!! And you know I just about fell off my chair at George V when you told me the price of your Chocolat Chaud!! xxx


    • Romiece, If you scroll down the right hand side of the Home page, underneath all the dates for the archives you will see a box marked “follow by email” Under this it says “click to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.” clock on that and you should be able to get notifications on your email.

      Underneath this post on here, when I reply on the left, there are two small boxes, one ,marked ” notify me of follow up comments via email” and “notify me of new posts by email” try clicking these boxes also.

      Love Denise


    • I just about fell right with you Roniece!! I didn’t think it would be so much more than at the Meurice!!! And then to not get the whipped cream and sprinkles – what a disgrace!! LOL!!!


  7. Ok .. but it says I am already “following your blog” and when I click on ‘manage blog’ it says that too… somehow I’m not being notified!! Ahhh lightbulb moment Muriel…. had the wrong email address!! Duh!! Hopefully fixed now! xxx


  8. I wonder if anyone knows of a place that serves a more expensive hot chocolate? I can’t imagine there is. And to not not get cream or sprinkles? Outrageous!


  9. 22 euros for a hot cocoa! Wowzers!! I had been curious with MKs post on how much this chocolately goodness costs. So did you ever figure out why you didn’t get your whipped cream and sprinkles? For 22 euros, I hope that was sorted out! But you’re right, it’s all about the ambiance and treating yourself. I’m glad you enjoyed it!


    • No I didn’t get my whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. I didn’t realise till I re read MKs post that I should have been offered them!

      Next time I go I will mention it, but of course it will be too late then!


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