easter / egg rolling / Holcombe hill.


I am not quite sure where the tradition of rolling hard boiled eggs down the local high hill comes from. Some say it is some symbolism of new life and some say it symbolises the rolling of the stone at the entrance to the tomb of Jesus,…. but in Ramsbottom it is the fun event on Good Friday and I am so glad my stepdaughter has made it OUR family tradition to have egg rolling, followed by English pasties, Jamaican patties and mushy peas and a chocolate egg hunt in the garden on Good Friday.
The idea is that we climb to the top of the local Holcombe hill, then the children roll their decorated eggs down the hill till they are trashed, then whoever gets the furthest with the most intact egg is the winner.

Lovely views on the way up.

Just one dissenter.  “I don’t like walking”
I am so lucky to live on this area.

Nearly at the top, thank goodness!

Finally at the top and Holcombe tower.
When I got together with my husband, around 24 years ago, he came as a package with three adolescent children their mother and her husband. I also had two adolescent children , their father and new wife. This of course could have been a recipe for very strained relationships, but his children welcomed me with open arms, the ex wife and husband eventually became friends and my ex husband and wife are also good friends. Sadly we lost Jim,  the  husband of the ex wife, just over a year ago,and family occasions are always tinged with sadness at his absence.
The children eventually married and had children so we now number 24. Victoria, the eldest and the “organiser” started to follow the local tradition of egg rolling a few years ago and we had kept it ever since. It is such a fun day, for as many of the family to get together as possible.

 In contrast to last year, when we were all in shorts and tee shirts, this year the weather was a bit on the chilly side at the top of the hill, but the climb had warmed us up beforehand.

Here  are some of us.waiting for the egg rolling to begin

All happy now with a packet of biscuits.

…….and off we all go. Quicker going down!

Then back to Victorias house for the party food. Table centrepiece supplied by Lila, the “artistic one” aged three.

English pasties and spicy Jamaican patties with mushy peas, reflect our multicultural family heritage.

Finally a chocolate egg hunt in the garden. 

Happy Easter
Love from Bolton

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  1. Your step daughter certainly started a wonderful family tradition! I particularly liked hearing about how your husband's and your family came together to form such a strong unit. My mother always said that she cherished the diversity that each new daughter or son-in-law brought to our family. Glad to see that the dissenter was feeling better at the top!Happy Easter!


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