I have been getting a bit obsessed with my mortality recently.

As I approach another milestone birthday, I am aware that there may not be much time left so I want to make the most of things and live for each day.  Trouble is I am spending so much time thinking about these things that the day is passing without me noticing it.

Other people do not seem to be so preoccupied.   I don’t hear my friends saying, ” Hey, do you realise you may only have 10-20 years of quality life left?”  they just seem to get on with it, oblivious.

Now,  I so admire my mum, who grew old without even mentioning it, and enjoyed herself as much as she could.  After recovering from the awful grief of her soul mate at the age of 57 to developing alzheimers at around 80,   I think her later years were probably the happiest I saw her. She gained confidence, made friends and travelled.

I think I am turning into my mother, I find myself saying , what my children used to call “grandma sayings”  obscure sayings that nobody else used.  Last week my son laughed when I used the phrase “talking broken biscuits”  for talking nonsense.    (That would be a good title for this blog!)

Then there are things, Mum never told me….like those little chin hairs that literally spring up overnight, no little stubble hair as a waning to get out the tweezers,  just a full blown long one,  which I can’t see without my glasses and detect usually (with horror) while I am talking to someone whilst propping my head on my hand.

I am also discovering what Tenna Ladies are for!  despite doing pelvic floor exercises.  I always need to know where the nearest loo is.

and then  I took a little test.  You can also do it


(click on the blue virtual age box, “click arrow to proceed)

Apparently my life expectancy is 99.8!  very reassuring to me who feels that time is slipping away.  I have another 35 years!

However it was interesting to see the factors which add to your life expectancy.  Obvious was the age that your relatives died, or family history of heart disease, your diet and exercise habits ,  but more surprising things like how far you drive and the effect of  stress, happiness, marriage.  and wether you eat breakfast and three meals a day.

I tell you , if you are in an unhappy marriage, get out quick.  It is taking years off your life, and if you are cheating, well I hope you are enjoying it, because that too is taking years away.

Of course there is a school of thought that a life of restraint is not worth living.   Live well, die young!…….

and do I really want to live to nearly 100?

I once saw a documentary, interviewing centurions.  They were all pretty  miserable,  Just waiting to die.  All their friends had died and if their minds were active their bodies had given up long before.

Ask me when I am 95!

Now I really must get away from this computer and go something more productive instead.

Love Denise



  1. Good one Denise! Made me smile as I seem to be thinking along these same lines lately! In my mind, I am only about 32 so when the realization hits me that I am actually forty years older than that, it brings me up short!!! I don’t mind getting older and am always happy to have another year roll around but I just don’t want to get OLD!!


  2. Well happy sixty-fifth birthday anyway. As I see from your recent blogging you are getting about so you seem to be doing the right thing.


  3. Life expectancy 94.1, virtual age 47.9, a lot better than I expected but not as high as yours Denise, perhaps we should celebrate our 90th birthdays in Paris. Anything more might be pushing it!


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