Do you remember when I asked Father Christmas to give Z some sex soon because she was making everybody life a misery with her grumpiness?

Well l Z is actually male and not only did Father Christmas answer my plea and give him some sex, but yesterday he announced his engagement!

Yes a whirlwind romance, with a lady he met on the corridor at work TWO WEEKS before Christmas!

With a constant smile on his face and stars in his eyes, he has been a dream to work with these past few weeks.  So I don’t know what this lady has, but she should bottle it!

Now I just have to decide which hat?

hats, bolton in snow. Buffet 029

This got me thinking about “falling in  love,” (or lust).

 I have never had a whirlwind romance,  but I have experienced love at fist sight many years ago,….  eyes met across a crowded room he gave a little smile ,  my  heart began racing,  and I got an overwhelming feeling in my stomach that I loved this person and knew him well….  boom!   I fell in love with a complete stranger.   This was not just fancying someone!.    I went  away, couldn’t get him out of my mind.  Pining to see him again,    feeling genuine love for somebody I had never spoken to.

My rational mind told me this was silly,  but emotionally I was a wreck. Couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, the full works.

Months later, when we were finally introduced  (and I thought I had got over it)  we had a conversation and he  confessed  to l me that the feeling had been mutual.  we both laughed!….. ……….

Then started a two year passionate uncontrollable  affair ,   which ended badly, when my rational mind I realised that he was not the right person for me and I had to run away to end it.   But  it had to run it’s course. and it took me a while to get over it.

But was this love…or lust?  certainly our affair was passionate and sex is the primary motive of life,  to continue the species at all costs.   So how do we tell the difference.  Did I fool myself into thinking this was love when really it was my hormones at work, overcoming my common sense

 I know that Z is on his best behaviour, because love (or lust)  is making him that way.  He is gentle, he is kind.   He smiles a lot,   he looks more attractive. There is a glow about him.

 His lady does not see the grumpy, awkward, rude person he has been recently.  Will she still love him when she does?   Will He still love her when he sees her grumpy dark  side?  (which we all have, lets face it)    Can she really take him for better for worse when she has never seen the worst yet ?  or does love make us blind?

Still, life is too short.  I guess we have to grab happiness when we can.  He  has come through a messy divorce and life threatening surgery,  he is very brave to try again.

Good luck to him, I hope it all works out.

I still don’t know which hat to chose!

Love Denise


9 thoughts on “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT?………….

  1. Very interesting question, Denise.

    Love (and especially lust) can all make us do very strange things in life. Sounds like your friend Z is smitten and you are right ~ he’s probably on his best behaviour this early on. True love means putting up with someone even in the worst of times and in the long run. (I don’t mean putting up as in merely tolerating, lol. I mean the love is still there in spite of the crap). Only time will tell, but I wish them both love and happiness for a very long time.

    Re the hats, they are all very sophisticated but I do love the one in the top right corner 🙂



  2. You had me going there for a minute!!! Talking about Z – “She” is really a “He” ??!!- not sure if you were talking about a transgender or what??!! Anyway, I’m glad that Z is in a much better mood for whatever reason – makes it much more pleasant to be with and working with someone who is happy!!
    Like the hats – especially the one on the to right – would have to see the one on the top left on you and also what dress you are wearing before I could make a definite decision!
    Whichever one you choose, I’m sure you will look rather smart!
    And as far as a whirlwind romance, I only had one – was totally head over heels and just floating around on a cloud all the time – didn’t last long as one of my friends was telling me that she had gone out with such a wonderful man – was crazy about him – the more she talked, the more I realized that it was my “cloud man”!!!!! Talk about getting smacked back down to earth!!!! He was working the circuit!!! Learned a good lesson on that one!!!
    Anyway, I do hope that Z continues to be so crazy in love and that their marriage turns out to be a great one – when is the big day?


    • What a rat! ……. unfortunately there are such charmers in the world. You had a lucky escape Goo job he made the mistake of dating somebody you knew!

      Not sure when the big day is. Soon as they have nothing holding them back. I will talk to him tomorrow and find out the latest.

      LOve Denise


  3. If you’ve never worn the upper left, then its settled. The thought of a hat existing and never being worn is just sad.
    My relationship with Mr French defies all logic and I have seen glimpses of his grumpiest side, but those around him tell me that the depth and width of those moods has reduced by 90% since shacking up together. And I know my hysterical tantrums are way down.
    Some times a certain mix is just good for two people.


    • Variety is the spice of life Sylvia. Opposites attract, etc etc. You are obviously good for Mr French if his moods have improved and he is very obviously good for you too.

      Who is to tell? Sometimes arranged marriages work, when the couple hardly know each other and aren’t even in love. My first husband and I know each other for four years before we married and it still ended in divorce. Seems I didn’t know him at all!

      One thing I have learned from my three marriages is that I know nothing. The best relationships can fail and the worst get better. It all depends on the day.

      Love Denise…. you are right a hat unworn IS sad. I will get an outfit to match it.


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