QUOTE “the road to enlightenment is long and difficult and you should try not to forget snacks and magazines” ..Anne Lamott.

As I understand it, according to buddhist philosophy,  the road to enlightenment is to rid yourself of dependence on possessions, places and people.

We I should be well on my way, because I have sold my home and ruthlessly disposed of  most of the things I possess.

Actually it Is quite liberating to throw away all the “stuff” you have accumulated over the years, but it was not without it’s angst, ,  as I described  here,… so except a few small momentos and reminders of other people that I just could not get rid of.I threw them all away.

In a special box, I kept.

My mothers wedding photo.

Despite wartime ratioining my mother managed to get the material for this  beutiful wedding dress.

Despite wartime rationing my mother somehow got the material to make this beautiful wedding dress in 1941.

My childrens baby teeth

Home made cards from my grandchildren

2013-12-25 09.24.23

2013-12-25 11.40.42

2013-12-25 11.41.30

The album of my wedding to Michael

A musical box sent from my brother.

and this years Mothers day cards sent from my children and Stepchildren.

These things I just could not get rid of and maybe I could make a montage of the cards to hang on the wall.

What would you keep?

The dining set I described was the most difficult to watch being taken away, by a man from Liverpool who loves retro stuff.  At least I felt it had gone to a loving home!

But the strange thing is that once I had taken the pictures off the walls, sold all the ornaments, packed away the family photos I was keeping  and sold the furniture my house became a shell, just bricks and mortar and I realised that you take your memories with you.

So after nearly five long  months the solicitors have finally done their job and we are moving into our temporary rented apartment on January 1st 2014.

New year, New start!

Love Denise

A year ago I was reflecting on our Christmas in Paris


6 thoughts on “THE ROAD TO ENLIGHTENMENT?…..

  1. Getting rid of stuff must be hard. We’ve talked before about your son and your sister-in-law, but I can’t remember what item that tussle was over. Hope the new home is good and that you really do have a happy new year.


    • oh I would so love that too and I am very tempted as I suddenly have a lot of money in the bank from the sale of my house but have not yet exchanged on the new build. … The developers are in a hurry to exchange contracts I now realise its before I can change my mind and drive off into the blue yonder. Lol! very tempting, love Denise


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