Coping with cancer.

THE JOY OF LIFE….. (eight months later!)

Quote..Learning to live life in the moment is part of joy  Sarah Ban Breathnach”

2013-11-30 16.10.16

A beautiful sunset on Saturday night

We both got tired of waiting!

So, we’d already decided to go out and celebrate, before we saw the Doctors.  Whatever the results, there were no certainties any more.  and we’d better make the most of it while we could. .

Do you ever have a day when the world and everything in it changes for ever?……well April 18th 2013 was that day for us.

Since then , I know it sound’s trite to say we have been on a journey of self discovery, but that is what it has been,…. and all those things, all those wise sayings that you read and people say to you,   suddenly make sense and you feel them rather than knowing to them in your head.

Sorry to go banging on about one day at a time and lifes too short etc,    and maybe it is a waste of time trying to explain to other people, because it takes an experience like this,  when all your certainties are smashed,  all your values are called into question,    your self image is  put under the spotlight.
your relationships are challenged.   and  as a result,  somehow,   we fundamentally changed inside.

That doesn’t mean we have not had our moments of fear, doubt, blind panic, grumpiness, impatience and just shear fed upness, these are all part of the journey.  A journey that for some reason I chose to document here on my blog.

But the other day that changes our lives is December 3rd 2013 when Michael is told




I don’t think either of us knew how to react.

After eight months of uncertainty, pain, worry, we are being given permission to live our lives again.

A reprieve.

But life will never be the same, for we have looked over the abyss ……and living one day at a time in some ways is no life at all.     We need hope, we need dreams.

It took about an hour to sink in. Then Michael suddenly said.,” its amazing how I suddenly feel better, and I didn’t know I felt ill”

….and I thought,” It’s amazing how the weight has gone that I didn’t know was on my shoulders”

It took a couple more hours for the elation to kick in.

Blow one day at a time,   now lets go and make plans. Lets go and celebrate!

Because we now know how fragile this reality really is

Love Denise.


22 thoughts on “THE JOY OF LIFE….. (eight months later!)

  1. Absolutely fantastic news, Denise! I hope you and Michael were able to truly paint the town red. Since following you near the end of this journey of Michael’s and yours, I have learned much from you and from reading your posts, and I have appreciated your support as well. Congratulations to the both of you, and and welcome to a wonderful new beginning for the two of you! Much love from Brenda and I …


  2. Great news! I’m so happy for you and Michael. Thank you for sharing your journey. I’ve learned so much from the honesty in your writing. Hope you can celebrate in Paris!


  3. We all celebrate with you and Michael – this has been an incredibly long and difficult 8 months for both of you!! Couldn’t be happier to hear this news!!! Prayers have been answered – and Tim and I will continue to pray that all stays well!!


  4. Couldn’t be happier! You and Michael have given me much to think about and be grateful for these last 8 months! I hope to see you both, soon! (Like, between Jan 12 and the 26th…hint, hint!!!) 😊👍💜


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