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Sitting in the chippie queue and thinking….

…..I am confused about all this business in Syria.   Why was  Dave (David Cameron) standing up in parliament trying to persuade the British MPS to sanction “military action” ie. Bombing Damascus?

The  the images of the people and (especially children, ) damaged by the chemical weapons Assads forces are alleged to have used, are shocking and heartbreaking but I am not sure that more death and destruction by cruise missiles is necessarily the answer.

 Did they learn nothing from Iraq?.  It does not seem to me that Iraq is a safer or less threatening place than it was 10 years ago and hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed.

. Over the past few days I have listened to all the political commentators and politicians and they all seem to be assuming a fundamental fact,  (not known to the rest of us),  that somehow this tiny island is VERY IMPORTANT in the international stage.  I thought we had seen the error of our ways 60 years ago and let go of our empire.

I obviously don’t know much about international politics after all I am just a humble m_____e,  but I wonder if Dave is suffering from delusions of grandeur.

In addition, due to “Austerity measures,” we have run down a lot of our military and he keeps telling us how broke we are.


Have you noticed how in the rhetoric today these chemical weapons have suddenly become “ weapons of mass destruction”  how are they any different from any other bomb, automatic gun, unmanned drone,  mine, trident missile, nuclear warhead ,virus  and even hijacked plane or  any other thing whose purpose  is to kill as many people as it can ?


So Dave s parliamentary motion gets defeated in Parliament and we are not going to war again….yet.

Then onto Newsnight comes a doctor from Syria who is emotively challenging the leader of the opposition to come to her hospital and see the results of the conflict in Syria and begs for the world to do something.

Jeremy Bowen, the BBC middle Eastern correspondent tells us the already 1000, 000 people have been killed and over a million displaced people are refugees.  When he talks to people in Damascus, some are  supportive of the Assad regime and are worried about the extreme factions in the opposition.

I don’t pretend to know the answer.

I just know people are being killed and it is terrribly, terribly sad.

Love Denise.

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3 thoughts on “Sitting in the chippie queue and thinking….

  1. I agree with you that it is terribly confusing!!! Should we or Shouldn’t we strike!! I pray that we don’t! And I also agree with you that Iraq is not a safer place than it was 10 years ago – and I’m quite certain that the MINUTE all troops are out of Iraq, they will go back to killing one another as they have done for more years than I can count!!!! All we have accomplished is kill and maim soldiers and civilians for the last 10 years!!!! President Obama just spoke to the nation on TV and I was holding my breath – here’s what the news reported that he said “President Barack Obama said that the United States “should take military action against Syrian targets” in a Rose Garden address Saturday. However, he said he would seek Congressional approval when Congress returns from recess.” Congress won’t return for another month from their vacation so we have a little reprieve! God help us all if we do strike – I really fear what the retaliation will be!!!


    • Oops – I mispoke – Congress will be back from recess the week of Sept. 9th – not a month from now! Still, it gives us a few more days to sort things out and not make a rash decision!


      • Thanks for your comment Sandy. I admire Barrack Obama. I think he is an intelligent and principled man. And David Cameron come to that.(although I dont agree with Daves politics) So I don’t understand why they are in such a rush to bomb Syria. I have an opinion on the US stance but I make it a rule not to comment on other countries politics as i think unless I can vote it is not my business. So unfortunately I can’t say what I think. I hope and pray like you that there will be no more loss of innocent life. Love Denise Love Denise.


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