Reading the Sunday Times supplement the other day,  I suddenly began to wonder if I am living in a parallel universe.

For example did you know that it is no longer de rigueur to take photos of your genitals to text to your friends,  in fact it is now passe.   This trend has sadly passed me by.

The more chic alternative is to take a picture of your sexy  derrière  and text that to your chums instead because the derrière is “more anonymous than your breasts,” photos of which are passed around at dinner parties in games of “guess the tits!” Apparently.

Well what fun me and my mates have been missing! !!!! not!

The other thing is that, I have never heard of half the “celebrities” featured. .

  Rosamond Pike????? Who, it seems, has been cast as the heroine in the film of the boook of the moment, Gone Girl????…….must look that up on play books!

Apparently she is the single mother of a  son named Solo and has had a notorious chequered love life but is now cosily settled. .  ( bless !)

She was photographed for the supplement wearing a casual outfit whose total worth was £2266… more than the average  UK person earns in a month. …which didn’t include the cost of the underwear.

Model Lily Cole (who?) Was pictured enjoying some bash or other drssed as a mermaid.

And  Sara Cox, who I always knew as a, hard drinking, hard playing,  ladette and boy band musician Mark Owen were described as “oldies”!

By the way,  did you know that the best sunscreen for the Uk is Chanel UV essential daily UV care multi-protection Anti pollution ( deep breath)…. a snip at £41.  Only about six hours pay for those on minimum wage then.

And I was so glad I didn’t miss the etiquette page, which seriously advised me that the answer to flatulence in a car was to drive at 60mph with the windows open. ….I always wondered why my friends never accepted lifts from me!

On the other hand it was reassuring to know that good old British  firm, Marks and Spencer have a new advertising campaign using some of the best British woman although I only recognose Tracey Emin and  Helen Mirren.


By the way, can sombody explain who the Kardashians are? sounds like some sort of  Scottish folk group.

Love Denise.

A year ago I was talking about my family heart condition.




  1. Wonderful Denise, to think what we have been missing out on!! I can help with regards to a couple of your questions though.

    Rosamund Pike was in one of the Pierce Brosnan Bond films, I think it was Die Another Day. She was also Jane Bennett in the film of Pride and Prejudice where Keira Knightley played Elizabeth Bennett.

    I am currently trying to read Gone Girl and it is taking me a long time. Can’t understand why it is a best seller but I am determined to persevere!

    As for the Kardashians, I just don’t get it at all although I’m sure the Princess could explain it if I ask her!

    Please keep writing, I love your blog! Love Janet


    • Thanks for the explanation. Now you said it recognise her from Pride and Predjudice. Just loks different in contemporary clothes.

      Have a good weekend.

      Another run to hospital last night so still uncertain when we can get together!

      Love Denise.


  2. OMG! I can’t write from how hard I’m laughing! Thanks so much!
    I know Rosamond Pike from the movie “An Education”

    You are ‘bloody’ funny Denise!

    The Kardashian fenomena is not even worth writing about…a Scottish folk group! I’m laughing so hard my workmates thought I was sobbing LOL


  3. Lily Cole played a mermaid/siren in the pirate episode of Doctor Who and very good she was too. She has an odd unworldly look.


    • I am inpressed how up to date you are FM. Sitting in coffee shops obviously opens you up to the world. Must try that. Maybe it is the free old editions of gossip magazines you find there that does it.

      Nice to hear from you.

      Love Denise.


  4. I know exactly how you feel!! When I flip through the magazines I find myself asking who are these people??

    As for the Kardashians, all you need is one trip to America and instinctively will know who they are, Kim’s favorite color, Khloe’s astrological sign, where they live and all sorts of useless information because they are everywhere! It’s overload! Photos of the new baby were up on Kris’ show yesterday. Ahhh! See what I mean???

    You saucy minx taking photos of your ta-tas! Hahahaha! Have a nice weekend! xo.


    • Well, thankfully that trend passed me by…..Actually it is heartening to realise that so many young people don’t have a clue who these people are either. Makes me feel less of a dinosaur. Love Denise


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