Life as it happens



Some good news this week. This i nice little cheque dropped through our letter box.   Winnings on the  premium bonds!.

(Premium bonds are UK government bonds that are put into a draw and you can win cash prizes. Like the lottery. But you can cash in your tickets any time.)

About ten years ago Michael bought £700 worth and won £50 within a couple of months. So I bought £1000 worth and have never won a penny!   Actually I had forgotten about this investment till he won.

I married a gambling man….in fact all of my three husbands have liked a flutter.   Maybe this says something about me,…….. but I am not sure what!

I have observed that gamblers think differently than non gamblers.

A gambler is always just about to win, despite evidence to the contrary. When Michael puts £10 to win at ten to one. He is winning, or loosing, £100.    For me I might win £100, but I am only loosing £10.

Optimist v pessimist?

This mentality persists even in the face of evidence to the contrary.  Michael has friend I call Placepot.  A lovely man who will always do you a favour.  But he is always doing these multiple, cumulative,  bets, where for £1 you have to pick a winner on six consecutive races to win.  You stand to win a large amount for your £1 stake but the odds must be very long.

To my knowledge he has only ever won once, but that is enough for him to dream of a life of riches when he gets the “big one”.

Anyway, the £25  cheque will go into the PARIS FOR CHRISTMAS  fund.    To  Michael it  could have been £25000.

But I think I will cash in  my £1000,  that will give us a good Christmas.

Love Denise

A year ago, I myself was dreaming..of a life in Paris


2 thoughts on “A GAMBLERS MENTALITY?…..

  1. Denise, it really is the little things and if you guys get your kicks playing a little lotto…ça va!

    I’m actually into scratch off games because I generally win something (which I usually spend to buy another scratch off!!). Like Michael, I always think I’m one scratch off away from winning the big bucks! (500euros — my games don’t offer that much!)

    But as we all know, the house always wins….ahh, but wait, sometimes they don’t! There goes that optimism of mine!

    Have a lovely weekend!


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