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I am not going to say much here because for Muriel and I it was all about frocks and hats.    For any fashionistas  attending, they must think they have died and gone to heaven.

This horse racing festival at Chantilly is the French equivalent of Royal Ascot.  We should have been going with Michael but of course he was ill and could not fly.  So we went in his honour.  We won ( gagnet=to win) on the first race We chose the horse  in honour of a friend of Muriel of the same name,  Casanova I think.    Came second again on another race, because it was British,  and then won an each way  (simple) bet on Chichita, in the big race,  in honour of the ABBA song we had both been dancing around the apartment to the night before. We won the grand total of 9 euro!

Minimum bet is 2 euro.

Practical information.  Trains to Chantilly, Gouvieux go from Gare du Nord and take 20 minutes.  Check the times on line.

 We took the 11.10h train to catch the pop concert before the races.  You cannot miss the train it is full of women in hats!  Get there early to get a seat as there is standing room only by the time the train leaves.  Don’t forget to “compost” your ticket  by putting it into  the machine as you enter the platform, which will stamp the date on it.  Same when you return.  ( although the train was so full nobody could have checked anyway) The cost was around  36 euro return for two,  although I got discount being over 60.

You can get taxis from the station, but it is a pleasant 10 minute walk through the forest. (wear or take comfortable shoes)    Again follow the crowd.  Entry is free for ladies with hats. 8 euro for men or hatless ladies.

Everybody takes a picnic and we took ours in a wheeled shopping bag.  Choose a spot near the finish with a good view and settle down on the grass to watch the parade!Oh la la!


They're off!

They’re off!

2013-06-16 12.26.322013-06-16 12.25.41

2013-06-16 12.23.38

Something we noticed about the French girls, a lot of them were wearing tights despite the heat…….no spry tans!

2013-06-16 12.23.332013-06-16 12.23.312013-06-16 12.25.54-1 2013-06-16 12.23.40 2013-06-16 12.23.08 2013-06-16 12.22.35 2013-06-16 15.30.49 2013-06-16 15.30.05-1 2013-06-16 15.30.23 2013-06-16 15.30.39-1 2013-06-16 15.30.44 2013-06-16 15.30.47-12013-06-16 15.29.31 2013-06-16 15.29.44-1 2013-06-16 15.29.47-1

image image image image image image

Love Denise


20 thoughts on “PRIX DE DIANE…..FROCKS ‘n HATS!….

  1. It was a most amazing day with you Muriel!! My very first Prix de Diane race day in France! I definitely will return with you and Michael for next year’s race! 🙂 oh and ABBA is always a good idea!! 🙂 xxx


  2. What a fun day! So interesting to see all the hats – and dresses! – I must say that you and Muriel looked fabulous! Glad you had such a good time! Must come to Paris in June sometime so I can go to this event!!


  3. You both look stunning in your hats and frocks! Some of the women in your photos don’t look very happy – perhaps the horses they backed didn’t get placed! How do you find out the date of next year’s race, I’d love to go and will be in Paris next June. Love Janet


    • Thank you, think I will miss it then as don’t arrive till 18th June. You seem to have cancelled my original comment as well!


  4. Love, love, love this!!!! How festive!!! You all look so regal in your hats. Oh and thank you for the super specific and practical information. My Virgo brain was asking a lot of questions (it can’t help it) out of curiosity. : )

    Thank you for this fantastic post. I almost felt like I was there!

    ps – Oh and I WANT that yellow dress (you know which one). So pretty.

    Have a nice weekend!


    • Hi Ella, yes I know which dress you mean. I actually like the orange and black dress with the black hat with white band and the older lady in the green silk with black hat gets my prize for succeeding in looking smart. . The best hat I felt was the red feathered one!

      Love Denise


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