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Yesterday we saw the surgeon and the coleorectal specialist nurse. .  The good news is that there is no evidence that the cancer has spread to other organs.

The surgeon explained that the cancer is in the Left Descending Colon and they will remove all of that  section of the bowel and join the two ends.  A bit like a piece of re-plumbing.

The concern is  that the appendix, which s on the right also looks swollen and suspicious  so they may also have to remove the appendix and the section of bowel around it.

The risk is,  of infection at the join and because of Michaels Myelodysplasia, ( which depletes his ability to fight infection) he has a higher risk and they are reluctant to have two potential sites of infection.

He will probably therefore need and external bag to remove the faeces until the wounds heal and after three months they will probably put it all back inside again.

The surgeon and the nurse spent a long time explaining everything and answering our questions.

They will examine the lymph glands in the bowel they remove to see if there are any cancer cells, then decide if Michael needs any chemotherapy.

Unfortunately we still do have a date, because the surgeon himself is having surgery next week and his operating list has to re allocated.   So it could be next week or the week after or even get to mid May.

Afterwards we drove around trying to contact his children and of course updated mine.   We spoke to his daughter Fashionista and his other daughter Smiley.  Both took the news well but we were unable to speak to his son as they were going out for the evening, so we will drive over there today.

Michael has now got to the point where he has  talked enough and doesn’t want ot talk about it till he goes in for the operation.

I am exhausted and numb this morning.  Even after a good nights sleep and I feel a bit the same as Michael,

  “what will be will be”.

This whole thing brought us closer and there is the feeling we are in this together.  He uses the plural “we” when discussing it.

One day at a time life becomes more precious and sweet.  It becomes easier to appreciate the simple things.

 The sun is shining this morning, and I can see the flowers from my kitchen window in next doors garden… I am sat blogging at my kitchen table and I have just given Michael a cup of tea and a kiss in bed as he watches the news on TV .

He smiles and squeezes my hand. We are both well today

Love is what matters.

Love Denise

…and a year ago I was packing for Paris….again!



  1. Warm thoughts from Canada are with you as well. I’ve read all your post and you seem to be facing this together, in love and in hand, living one day at a time and appreciating all you have. Can’t do more than that. Hugs,


    • Hi Jo, thanks for dropping by. It is amazing how this has made us feel closer and made all the petty irritations that are inevitable in a relationship fade into insignificance. Love to you and Den.


  2. Hi Denise
    Have only just caught up with your news, which I am so sorry to hear. Sending very best wishes to you and to Michael.
    GM xx


  3. “Love is what matters” – truer words have not been spoken. I’m sure that Michael gets a lot of strength from knowing that you’re by his side. I’ve been holding both of you close in my thoughts. I hope that you’ll have a date for the surgery as soon as possible.


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