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Our next trip is coming up soon and I am looking for things to do.  We have only five days so I need to narrow my choices down to five events.  Unlike those packed itineraries on Tripadvisor, one thing planned each day is enough  However it is  often difficult to find fresh things to do.   Some of these are old favourites and a couple are new.


Michael is going to the races at Longchamps but it looks like a fun day so I might go with him

Every Sunday from April 7th to May 12 there is fun and games as well as racing at Longchamps.


Catacoombs is somewhere I have never been I am not sure Michael could manage the 130 steps down.  We always have alternate days doing our own things so I could go on one of my solo days.


L’Institut du Monde Arabe

and a Scheherazade exhibition I learned about from Finding Noon.

and I have heard good things about the rooftop terrace.


Jazz concerts are always  favourite.

Atelier du Charonne in the 11th for dinner and Gypsy jazz.

or Duc de Lombards


-Michael  loves markets of any kind so we could try Marche au Puces.

With lunch at Chez Louisette  and traditional French Chansons.


Hamman or Spa

The hamman at the Grande Mosque de Paris has become a regular event and I love the sticky cakes and mint tea.  We had lunch there in September and I really enjoyed the food. As this is near our apartment it is handy.  Might try it Monday morning and meet Michael for lunch.


Howard Greeberg Photography exhibition at Foundation Henri  Carter-Bresson


I would live to visit the Haute Couture exhibition at the Hotel de Ville, and it is free1


A Seine boat ride is always a pleasure.


Guided walks are always interesting and informative.

I have done three discoverwalks in the past, which are free and always excellent.  You tip the guide at the end.   Possibly the “Trendy Marais ” walk, which goes at 1430 daily from metro  Saint-Sébastien-Froissard.

Pariswalks are also excellent.  You pay for these. But I always give a ten euro tip anyway so there is not much difference.


I would love to dine  at the re vamped Ciels de Paris on top of Montparnasse tower.


and there is also the pop up bar at the Pullman Paris Hilton.  I went in February with Dognapper and Muriel.  We just had a very very good rooibos tea and took lots of pictures (one of which is at the top of this post.)  But Out and about in Paris says it better.


and of course a bike  ride.  Here ate some routes I want to try.

Oh, decisions, decisions!

Love Denise.


a year ago I was pondering if I could live without my car.

To update this….I discovered that my car is mainly a Grandma taxi!  So I decided against getting rid of it and buying or leasing a smaller car would cost more than the running of my present car,  so I still have it.  Today I had an annual MOT (UK safety check) and they remarked that the annual mileage was less than 5000miles!


11 thoughts on “WHAT SHALL WE DO IN PARIS?

  1. Well, you already have lots of fun things planned – now if you would have asked about chocolate shops or patisseries, I may have had some suggestions for you!! LOL!!

    I did just receive this newsletter about the forgotten museums of Paris – I know you have been to some but there are others listed – looks interesting. Here’s the link

    And you have heard correctly about the rooftop terrace at L’Insitut de Monde Arabe – the view is outstanding – I did go back there in February but the terrace was closed as it was tooooooo cold – and as you know, it was very cold so even if I would have been able to go out there, wouldn’t have stayed long. I plan on making another visit on my next trip to Paris if the weather is co-operating.

    Another place I like to visit with a wonderful rooftop terrace is the Cite de la Mode et du Design near Gare Austerlitz – I posted an album of the pictures I took on my Timeline which I think you looked at – if the weather is nice, it’s just wonderful being up on that terrace – and I had the best chocolate milkshake ever!

    Whatever you do, I know you’ll have a great time just being in Paris!! Have a good time!



  2. I love that little map of forgotten museums.
    My memory is terrible these days but I vaguely thought is was you who told me about the terrace at l’Institut du Monde Arabe and now you have stimulated my brain cells I remember you telling us about the Cite de la Monde et du design. I googled it and realised I passed it on a cycle ride last year and was intrigued by the unusual design of the building. I also doscovered thee is an exhibition called Mannequin Corps du Monde, which looks interesting and it is only 4euro for seniors! Very exciting. Must go there Thanks a lot Sandy,!.

    Oh it is so nice to have contacts!

    Love Denise


  3. Have you visited the Musee Albert Kahn and its beautiful gardens
    Well worth a visit, only 3 euros entrance fee, 1.5 euro for seniors. When we visited in January there was an exhibition about a journey through Mongolia in the early 20th century plus the permanent exhibition of Albert Kahn’s photographs from round the world. The Japanese garden is beautiful.

    Whatever you do have a great time.


  4. Les Catacombs for sure!! I went a few months ago for the first time and it was really fascinating! Let me know what you think! It looks like you’ve got a great week planned. Enjoy!


  5. Denise, If you’re here on a Wednesday evening, I suggest this show:

    Caroline Nin performed at a recent “My French Life” soiree and she’s absolutely enchanting. Wonderful voice!

    Whatever your next trip to Paris includes, I hope that you’ll have a couple of minutes for a quick get-together with me.

    Thanks for mentioning my blog post about the 180 pop-up bar that I learned about from you!


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