I know in the blog world a lot of bloggers read the same blogs but just in case somebody has not seen this, here I am posting a blog entry from my friend Dawn.

Dawn is an American lady, one of my Paris friends who has found a cause, a scandal she feels passionate about.  I do not kow how to help her wioth this cause but I am reposting this blog becuase the more people know about this awful business the more something amy be done to help the families of these children.

So please, repost this, let it go viral. Lobby your MP, or your senator or whatever.

Sister of Mine, Home Again

So, here’s where I am with my latest obsession, those babies in Fallujah and Basra:

Alone, not sure where to go, but still determined to try to find a way to help.

Pictures and images like this are imprinted on my brain:


I’ve been exchanging emails with the courageous doctor mentioned in the Democracy Now piece, below. Here’s a link if you want the full story


And here’s a portion of the  transcript, emphasis mine. It helps to give some background to my efforts.

DAHRJAMAIL:  And going on to Fallujah, because I wrote about this a year ago, and then I returned to the city again this trip, we are seeing an absolute crisis of congenital malformations of newborn. There is one doctor, a pediatrician named Dr. Samira Alani, working on this crisis in the city. She’s the only person there registering cases. And she’s seeing…

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  1. Dearest Denise,
    Thank you so much for posting my blog here. I just wanted your readers in the U.K. to know that there is a great organization in London that is actually helping, the Cancer and Birth Defects Foundation. http://www.thecbdf.org/en/home They have a Fallujah Campaign. I may end up trying to work through them if I can’t get something going here in the US. At least the media in the UK has covered this issue before, here in the US both the government AND the media are absent. Of course, that way no one has to take responsibility.
    In any event, thanks again so much to my dear friend Denise. You are a champion.
    Much Love,


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