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Hello.  This last week I have been so busy I have not had time for blogging or even much time for the internet.  Between work, an “advanced communication ” course and keeping the house in  “viewing” standard.  I have hardly opened my computer and frankly not had much inspiration for blogging.

But today is my  birthday and I feel I HAVE to mark it with some reflections.

Today is the start of another year for me.  So I feel this is the day I need to make resolutions.

I can’t believe I am SIXTY THREE!   time goes by so fast and accelerates as you get older.  It is also our thirteenth wedding anniversary.   (when did that happen?)

But no use musing on the past. I cannot do anything to change that. …. Unlike on  my 60th,  I have now got over that shock (of suddenly being officially  “old”)  and the depression that followed and truly have a daily feeling that this is ITmake the most of it while you can.

 Almost as if I have woken up to the world.  The lights have come on, Everything is brighter.  I can suddenly smell the roses.  A it like the scene in the Wizard of Oz, when it changes from sepia to colour.

I find I am gradually “editing” my life.  Letting go emotionally of the things that do not matter so much to me and clutter up my life,  things I once thought were important , but actually have only brought stress.  Things like my house, job,  ambition, pride, status and chasing happiness instead of sitting down and appreciating  what I have now.

……and treasuring the things that I love, mainly people.

On one of my cards, a friend wrote.

I wish you the happiest of birthdays my friend,  Never forget , you were born at the time of year when light starts to prevail over darkness”

and of course it is always the spring equinox when my birthday comes round and maybe it has taken me sixty three years to understand that.

In short, don’t worry be happy!

So here are some wedding pictures, they get put in the cupboard and it is nice to look at them.

Our "brood"

Our “brood” before the grandchildren.

Me looking happy....".there's cake!  "Michael looking a little bewildered!  " what am I doing here"

Me looking happy….”.there’s cake! “Michael looking a little bewildered! ” what am I doing here”

I love this picture capturing my mum and my daughter in an tender moment.

I love this picture capturing my mum and my daughter in an tender moment.

..and this one of us all together.

..and this one of us all together.

and here I am today!

2013-03-19 18.44.01

Have a good day.  make the most of it…I know I will!

Love Denise

..and a year ago today, we had a perfect day in London.


20 thoughts on “ANOTHER YEAR OLDER.

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Your photos are lovely. Enjoy your day and hoping that the year(s) ahead bring you much happiness and joy! Will yo be in Paris when I’m there (4/21-28?)


    • Sadly we keep missing each other. I will be in Paris April 11th to 16th and I will be in California from April 27th to May 20th. Thanks for your good wishes. One day we will meet again. Love Denise


  2. Happy, Happy Birthday to you Denise – you and Michael are a striking couple! Your dress is gorgeous – just suits you! And so nice to see the pics of your sweet Mother! Enjoy your day!


    • Hi Sandy, My mum who was 80 at the time, escorted me down the aisle and loved being a part of it. She was taken ill at the reception and was never really the same again so it is a nice memory of her…. love Denise


  3. Happy birthday Denise, and happy anniversary to you and Michael. I love your photos – you look so elegant in your wedding dress. I hope you have a lovely day xx


  4. On March 19, 1994 I was in the maternity ward, my water had broken 24 hours earlier, but my body would not go into labour. They wanted to induce. I refused, running through hallways and hiding in the staircase as I waited for spring. March 20 at 0:01 I returned and had my baby several hour later. Spring babies are worth waiting for!!! xxx S


  5. Looking good, Denise! Love that photo of you today. It looks like you really take care of yourself!

    and….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    I love what you wrote about choosing happiness. It’s so simple, yet something we all forget to do from time to time. Thanks for the pearls of wisdom. : )


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