VALENTINE FOR THE MAN WHO HAS EVERYTHING?…or confessions of a Valentine grump!

2013-02-13 11.43.33

Of course I have to write a post about Valentines day.

Mainly it goes by unnoticed in our house.

 When we were young it was just a bit of fun, for children, teenagers, to send anonymous cards to people they fancied.  Now it seems to have become a huge industry with cards, gifts, balloons special expensive menus and a lot of hullabaloo….. and taken very seriously by anybody under 50.

I work with young women who would divorce their husbands if the did not “do”  something for Valentines day.  One girl got upset last year because her partner had not sent a Valentines card from her baby daughter!

Not just cards are expected, but gifts as well.  One young colleague  was so annoyed that her boyfriend had”  just  sent flowers ” because “it was “so predictable and without thought!”

To be honest I don’t think I have ever received a Valentines card (everybody say AWW!!)  but then a again i have never sent one either. (BOO!)

So after reading Ella Coquines post on her mothers Valentines gift.  ( yes Mothers Valentines gift!)…. I like her Mums sentiment  “

“Thanks to my mother, Valentine’s Day to me was never just about being in a couple. .. that it’s a day to be a little kitchy, indulge in a few calories, give the people you love an extra hug or two, and enjoy the fact that it is mid-February as we get over the hump of winter” .

I decided to mend my ways and “do” something for Valentines.

So no it is not a “peep” !…( you have to read the post. that might come later!)  but a box full of goodies for the man who could do no wrong all through December,  but has slipped a bit since!

so what do I put in this box?

My darling does not collect “stuff”  so he is very difficult to buy gifts for, one of the reasons we don,t buy gifts for each other, but I wanted to get him some small  favourite things that would be a luxury for him

So what is in my man bag?

Luxury chocolates in a heart  shaped box

Fun but subtle socks, to reflect his mood.

Mango massage butter, with a promise of a massage!

Zingy  luxury shower gel to wake him up.

Ginsing tablets!

Jazzy CD to get him in the mood.

Bottle of non alcoholic fruit cocktail.

Smelly brie and some luxury biscuits.

Chocolate ginger biscuits. to hot him up!

Luxury hot chocolate drink to send him to sleep!

and of course a lottery ticket to satisfy the gambling man in him!

2013-02-13 11.48.24

I am also going to give biscuits, special coffee and chocolates to my children.

Suddenly, inspired by my blog friends’ I have turned from a present grump to a present fairy.

Happy Valentines.

Love Denise


12 thoughts on “VALENTINE FOR THE MAN WHO HAS EVERYTHING?…or confessions of a Valentine grump!

  1. Denise what a thoughtful and great gift, he’s going to love it!

    I haven’t had a ‘special one’ in my life for very long but I think Valentine’s is a day to celebrate love (of all sorts) and friendship, so I do give out some chocolate and send e-cards to a few.

    It may be silly to some but it’s just another day to stop and think and be grateful for the people in our lives. Which we should do EVERYDAY!

    Happy Valentine’s my dear, enjoy!


  2. I love the idea of a man bag and all the goodies that you put inside, although I’m not sure about the lottery ticket because he’s already a winner. He has you! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and the man who could do no wrong.


  3. What a nice Valentine treat for Michael – he’s a lucky man in many ways – and you’re a lucky woman – nice couple! I’m sure MIchael was very happy with all the goodies for Valentine’s Day!


  4. What fantastic Valentine’s Day goodies!! He is a lucky man to have such a fantastic and thoughtful woman by his side! I’m sure he appreciates it! I hope you two had a lovely V Day (mango body butter! yum!). Now that it’s over, we can countdown to spring! Although today is gloomy and cold, you wouldn’t think it was a month away.

    Thank you for linking me up. I’m glad you enjoyed the post!


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