….is from the back of a velib!  (in my opinion). AND  this satisfies my two passions, cycling and Paris,  plus it  helps to work off all those pastries I eat in Paris,   so what could be better!

In the freezing cold conditions we had last week, it also keeps you warm.

Unfortunately, it is not very good for taking photos as you have to keep stopping for this and your hands get cold.

Lizzie and I got some sort of Paris lurgy,  nausea, aching joints sniffles.  this restricted our activities for a couple of days., but we still managed to get out on a bike ride.

I took out an annual velib subscription last year, via the internet which enables me to keep my velib out for 45 minutes before I am charged and also I can just wave my navigo over the bike post rather than going to the pillar in the center..

Lizzie just bought a day pass at the machine in the middle of the velib station.  You can also get 8 day subscriptions, so you just put in your number and a PIN you choose.

All the information is here.

Our first cycling day we cycled out to Bois de Vincennes via  Avenue Daumesnil  and  the Promenade Plantee.    Actually if you keep in the cycle lane of Ave Daumesnil it takes you all the way to Bois de Vincennes, but we wanted to see the Promenade Plantee.

We discovered the town of St Maur , because we got a bit lost!    and we discovered how they get all the furniture into an apartment!

paris  Jan 2013 001

Ha! Ha! do I look like some eccentric old lady or what!!!… my excuseit was cold!!!

paris  Jan 2013 002

Everything is lifted up by the hydrolic platform through the window. I always wondered why they had such big windows!

  and  we had lunch in a little sort of working mans cafe in Vincennes, which turned out to be the best meal of the trip.

paris  Jan 2013 005

This was the delicious Paella and Lizzie s Tuna steak with a lovely courgette salad.

paris  Jan 2013 007

…and the man who cooked them!  The waiter insisted on taking his picture for us!

Sorry I don’t know the name or location as it was down a side street…and besides it may not be as good a second time.  I find this that I will return to a cafe or bisro where I have has a wonderful meal only to be disappointed.

This happened on our first night at the Indien Vegetarian place on rue Foubourg St Dennis round the corner from Gare du Nord.  My Dosa was disappointing and Lizzies pea dish was just peas floating in some vegetable stock!

disappointing Dosa

disappointing Dosa

We continued cycling all day and in the evening, took a trip up the Canal st Martin, where I had another disappointing meal at a cafe we regularly use called “Pomme”.

paris  Jan 2013 012

I was not the only one who looked strange in an effort to keep warm! LOL! This is Lizzie!!…., we brought the hi vis reflective vests with us. British health and safety is too ingrained!

paris  Jan 2013 011

I love how the lights reflect on the canal at sundown.

Love Denise


10 thoughts on “THE BEST WAY TO SEE PARIS….

  1. I think you’re both very brave cycling in Paris! I know there are cycle lanes on some roads but I’d still be too frightened of causing or having an accident!

    I like the look of your meal ( and the cook!). Our best meal was at Astier on Rue Jean Pierre Timbaud so I hope we’re not disappointed if we go back next time we are in Paris!

    Love Janet x


    • Not really brave Janet, you know I am an experienced cyclist at home and believe me Paris streets are FAR safer than Bolton. Although I think Lizzie following me was thinking that “if this is the last thing I do at least I was enjoying myself!” LOL!

      Love Denise


  2. You look très chic in your biking ‘outfit’, perfect for Paris.
    Again, I think you are very brave to bike around Parisian traffic, but I see it can be an experience!

    Those things to move furniture are also used in Spain (maybe all over Europe?) There’s no way to fit big pieces either in the tiny lifts or through the narrow stairs.

    My experience with food in Paris was…blah…except for a place or two.
    Next time I’m bringing a list of recommended places, we fell into one too many tourist traps.


    • Cycle lanes and cycle aware traffic make it relatively easy to cycle in Paris, people are put off because it is a busy city, but really the traffic does not go very fast and the golden rule is to be visible. ( so my cycling coach tells me) No sneaking up on the inside where they can’t see you.

      My most difficult bit is remembering to keep to the right. I got disoriented at one point when two avenues merged ( Richard Lenoir and Voltaire) and found myself riding in the centre of the road, with Lizzie frantically shouting at me from behind….at least I was VISIBLE!

      Maybe the food did not taste s good because we were both brewing the lurgy. Usually just ordinary the food in Paris is good. We also had a nice meal at Au Pied de Fouet on Rue Oberkampf, but we had got rid of the lurgyn and so maybe it tasted better

      Love Denise


    • Thanks Gwan. Believe me I do ty to copy the Parisian cycle chic, but here the hat had gone a bit squewed.

      I try to avoid lycra at home except when I cycle to work when it is the most practical for drying out over the day.

      Cycling is really good fun and I get a sense of achievement. In Paris it is not unusual to see little old ladies cycling to the market so I feel right at home!
      love Denise


  3. I’m very impressed that Lizzie and you braved the cold to go bicycle riding, Denise! There were a couple of days that I didn’t even take any photos because I didn’t want to take my gloves off to fiddle with the camera.

    It’s a shame that your dosa wasn’t as good as you expected. I wonder if it’s the same vegetarian restaurant where Sara and I ate a couple of weeks ago.


    • Yes MK I had the same problem with my hands and the cold. On top of that I only take photos with my iphone and I discovered that iphones do not work well in sub zero temperatures.

      The Indian resturant is called “THALY” indien restuarant with a red awning. at around number 173 Rue Fauborg St Dennis. It has always been packed with locals and I have previously had good vegetarian food there. They must have been having a bad night!

      Love Denise


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