THE JOY OF GIVING. first day of Christmas counting down…

I found this little chap in my box of Christmas tree decorations.   He was given to me last thanksgiving  by a friend I have not seen for a while.  This lady is very good at giving presents   She also  agave me  very handy roll away bag that comes in handy on lots of occasions…….and matches my capsule wardrobe! LOL! The  effect … Continue reading


THE BIG DECISION. or what makes a house a home?

For the past few days I have been visiting my son Bloggerman’s,  new family  home.   A 1930’s suburban semi in the Midlands   Conveniently situated for commuting by train into Birmingham city centre , London or Manchester..  The hotch potch of houses all around were built for white collar workers and their families that once  worked in the vast offices of the … Continue reading



Its a bit disconcerting when you visit a museum and find things that were items you remember, like our car when I was a child The pram I had for my babies. and the Triumph Herald car I had when I was 21. I spent  really enjoyable couple of hours, browsing the Riverside Museum,  Gasglows Transport … Continue reading