Christmas 2012…day 9. you have to have a bit of a laugh. HO!, HO!, HO!.

Just sharing this I heard on the radio.

I am so bored sitting here nursing my sore back.  I have discovered that Paracetamol and Ibuprofen are better for my back pain than codeine and diazepam, which just made me go looney!  Nice at the time but I didn’t like the after effects.

(just as an aside, I was shocked at the price of drugs when I visited the US.  Simple generic  analgesia like asprin, ibruprophen and acetaminophen cost around  3$.  Here they can be bought in a supermarket for 20 pence.)

Anyway, today I am being driven around our various children and grandchildren, distributing presents like Father Christmas.  One of the nicest aspects of the season.

HO! HO! Ho!

Love Denise


8 thoughts on “Christmas 2012…day 9. you have to have a bit of a laugh. HO!, HO!, HO!.

  1. I take paracetamol and ibuprofen when my back and hip are really bad, much prefer them to codeine which makes me constipated!

    Hope you don’t need the wheelchair Denise and that you manage to walk when you’re in Paris. Do you know where to hire a wheelchair when you’re there in case you need it?


    • The wheelchair is just a contingency, it is a long walk at Manchester airport from the station to terminal three.

      Suddenly , tonight my back feels better. it is those sudden excruciating spasms of pain that floor me.

      I will get around Paris no matter what. Even if it means taxis!

      Love denise


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