CHRISTMAS 2012…..and on the eighth day, there has to be Panto!

So disaster strikes. Or rather something has struck my back and I have been literally  floored by acute back pain.    Was sent  to A&E yesterday and they sent me home with drugs to rest as I can hardly walk.   Not even being used to alcohol, the drugs sent me on a trip last night.  It still hurt like hell,  but I didn’t care!!LOL!

  Oh NO!  Have to get on that plane to Paris.

Still, making the most of my enforce lying on the sofa watching pre Christmas TV, I was highly entertained by a celebrity pantomime.  Ciniderella on ITV2.  this is great because I have not been able to go to a pantomime this year.

For those foreigners out the I should explain that a panto is a uniquely British traditional Chirstmas  family entertainment.  There is usually one on in every theatre in the land.

Based on a traditional fairy story like Cinderella, Aladdin, Puss in Boots, Jack and the beanstalk  or  Snow White, a panto always has the same elements.

A young pretty celebrity heroine

A young handsome lead male often a prince, ( traditionally also played by a girl but that is changing now.)

A “baddy” evil stepmother or king.

one or two men dressed as comic women characters, “ugly sister or mother”.

A good character who grants wishes,” a fairy godmother.”

An important part of the whole thing is audience participation.  Where the audience can hiss, boo, cheer  heckle and give certain traditional responses to the main characters.

The main characters always fall in love but there is some obstacle   there  will always be “transformation” scene where the fairy godmother works her magic and it all ends happily ever after.  There is lot s of laughter and song in between before ending with a big celebration, ball or party.

If all that seems complicated here is the youtube video  to just to explain.

Settle down take some time and enjoy………

and to continue, introducing the ugly sisters.

and the Fairy godmother

Part four and the rest, if you are still interested.

Love Denise


4 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS 2012…..and on the eighth day, there has to be Panto!

  1. This is the first time that I’ve ever heard of a “panto”. I plan to watch the ones that you posted with my daughter just as soon as she finishes her “Downton Abby” marathon!

    Take good care of your back. Stephane has been suffering from a similar problem. Fortunately, a pharmacist took sympathy on him while we were in Reims yesterday and arranged to get him so “prescription only” drugs to relieve his pain. As I said on facebook, let me know if you need the name of my masseuse while you’re in Paris. Sylvia and I agree that she has “healing hands”.


  2. Hope you enjoy the panto.
    Had another back spasm last night, that put me on the floor, crying in agony… “The man who can suddenly do no wrong” took ages to come, just gave me a hot pack….and then carried on emptying the dishwasher!… his halo is beginning to slip!

    Now gone back to the Diazepam and Codiene that the A&E doctor prescribed.

    Can you email me the number of the masseuse, just in case.

    Love Denise


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