CHRISTMAS 2012…on the fifth day

day 5 002

On the fifth day I look forward to watching yet another Christmas food programme from a celebrity chef.

Last night it was Nigella with Nigellissima, an Italian inspired twist on Christmas food.

The fragrant Nigella flirted her way through the programme which was illustratedby shots of Venice and London in the Christmas lights, in between showing Nigella in the sort of kitchen  that only a multi million pound  house in Notting Hill would have, complete with Christmas tree.

I watched the whole programme, smug in the knowledge that I don’t even have to do a food shop and thought to myself, who on earth goes to all this trouble?  Wonderful as it looks, I couldn’t help thinking, for goodness sake Nigella,  have a rest, just order it in, pre cooked , from Marks and Spencer!… or probably Fortnam and Mason in her case!

For those of you who wish to see how Nigella does it and cooks a delicious menu of ….

Gorgonzola and canellini dip with tricolore florish

Stuffed turkey breast, rennaisance salad,

Italian christmas pudding cake and chocolate salami.

all washed down with Venitian cocktails.

Meanwhile I went to Manchester, saw the Christmas markets which flow out all over the streets and had a Christmas lunch with my dear friend Janet.

Much better than slaving over a hot stove!

Love Denise


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