KEEP UP THE EXCERCISE….Christmas day 2

 O f course I need to keep up the exercise  to offset all the overindulgence  over Christmas  but the weather sometimes restricts my use of  bike in winter and yesterday torrential rain and wind, forced me to use the car for work.   I need to keep up my fitness level so this morning I went out on a bike ride.

I am fortunate to live with urban sprawl to the south and Lancashire moors to the north,  literally 200 yards from my house.  Rain was threatening but I went any way.

bike ride christmas day 2 003Its hard work but keeps me fit.  Much better on my new bike with 24 gears

bike ride christmas day 2 006 After about 40 minutes uphill I come to the hamlet of Affetside on the historical Roman road of Watling Street.

bike ride christmas day 2 011

After about 40 minutes riding uphill, I can never quite make it up the last bit to the top!  So I have to walk the last few yards.

bike ride christmas day 2 001But when I get there it is like being on top of the world!

bike ride christmas day 2 017

Just stop for a minute at The Village green 

bike ride christmas day 2 010Much easier going down.

I should be a size 10!! LOL!

Love Denise


8 thoughts on “KEEP UP THE EXCERCISE….Christmas day 2

  1. Weather really does get in the way of outdoor workouts, don’t they? I haven’t jogged in a few weeks because it’s been really cold and rainy (and I’ve been sick). Good on you for keeping up the regime so you can fully enjoy your Christmas getaway in Paris!! It’s coming pretty soon!!


    • Hope you are feeling better Ella. Cycling is an essential method of transport for me. but I love it. Petrol is so expensive in the Uk I rely on my bike to get me about. But I have to keep fit to do it so it is doubly beneficial. For the past two years we have had snow by this time in December , so I am doing well to continue so long.


  2. Beautiful country side – I don’t know how you ride your bike uphill that far – I don’t think I could do it – and in inclement weather also – you are a trooper – Congrats on your determination! I admire your tenacity!


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