THE JOY OF GIVING. first day of Christmas counting down…

the joy of giving 001

I found this little chap in my box of Christmas tree decorations.   He was given to me last thanksgiving  by a friend I have not seen for a while.  This lady is very good at giving presents   She also  agave me  very handy roll away bag that comes in handy on lots of occasions…….and matches my capsule wardrobe! LOL!

the joy of giving 006

The  effect is that I think of her often, even though she is far away.

I have been very uncomfortable  both giving and receiving presents for a long time.   So I opted out.   I asked people not to buy me gifts.    As I get older I find there is less and less that I need,  so whenever someone gives me a gift, I feel embarrassed because I would rather they spend the money on themselves.  Which is not to deny the pleasure  people get  giving gifts and I appreciate the thought, but I would really they did not…. and actually most people say it is a relief not to have to think of something for me.

  I also feel that when I give a gift it is sometimes received in this way,  so the result is I long ago asked people not to give me gifts and I prefer to buy gifts when I am inspired and  see something I think would be suitable for the person at the time,  just for the sake of it.  Like a cookery book for my DIL, or some posh  coffee for my son, a novel for my step daughter or some earrings for my other step daughter.

 Hence  I dislike   the practice of “obligation gifts” like Christmas and birthdays, which give people such a headache and cause stress they and I can do without……and I dislike even more the practise of exchanging gifts…. Only buying for someone because they buy you something.  Not because of the pleasure of giving.

Now I know this all sounds  is rather odd,  but my family and friends accept it and we agreed that we would all just buy for the grandchildren at Christmas some time ago.  Children are easy, there is always some toy that they want.

But now I am a born again Christmas lover,   and ex bah humbug person, I am actually thinking about giving presents.  Which is even nicer because nobody will expect it , they will truly be a surprise and I will get true pleasure from giving.  Nothing expensive, nothing to embarrass people with

So what to get?  This morning I had a brainwave as I put some hand warmers in my gloves to cycle to work.  All the girls and some of the boys  ( daughters, daughters in law) do the school run so I will get them those

the joy of giving 007

and now I just have to find something for the boys. Wine and biscuits  seem so boring but I can’t think of anything else.

..and what do I buy for the man who can suddenly do no wrong.

Who actually has everything he needs?

Love Denise



7 thoughts on “THE JOY OF GIVING. first day of Christmas counting down…

  1. I’m so happy to hear you’ve decided to do presents!
    Those hand warmers are a great idea, can’t even imagine how you manage to go on bike in the winter, brrrrr
    Very nice indeed!
    Sylvia S.


    • Mm, it’s interesting how you get inspriation. Malibu for Sunshine my daughter and I found a wonderful pack of a cafe Gourmand for everybody. Favourite wine for Discoman my son-in-law, a magazine subscription for Fashionista, my stepdaughter…. I am so enjoying buying these!

      good job they don’t read my blog!


  2. Thanks to 5 years of living in a Muslim country, we were able to avoid a lot of the commercialism that goes along with Christmas while our children were young. We stuffed their stockings with rare treats, like cans of Dr. Pepper (American soda pop) and sugary cereal that I bought exceptionally for the holiday from the American grocery store. We’ve continued the trend and still prefer to give “experiences” rather than gifts. Last night, Stephane said that he hasn’t been able to think of anything for me. I told him that’s perfectly alright because the presence of my family is the best present. When your heart is full, you don’t need anything else.

    I’m sure, however, that the recipients of the handwarmers and other gifts that you’ve selected will be very happy. As you said, it’s better to give something when the feeling strikes rather than out of a sense of obligation.


    • Oh I am so glad you “get it”. you are right the commercialism really gets to me. I dislike nit but it is difficult to ignore. This and the assumption that Christmas is a holiday. I worked in the emergency service so for years it was just another working day and I just didn’t have time for all that shopping, preparation and stuff. So I opted out years ago.

      But with grandchildren the magic is back and I love to buy them stuff. However they will soon stop believing in Father Christmas and the magic will be gone.

      Now I see why you are not a card writer or shopper. Good for you!

      Love Denise


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