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Dear Father Christmas.

I know on my list there should be things like, world peace, the end of hunger and disease and all those altruistic thing I wish for the world, so I will start with these, but being a normal selfish mortal there are a few things I would like on my list that absolutely NOBODY knows about.

  1. I would like, some sort of product that really would stop my hair going flat within an hour of blowing it dry and keep it looking shiny at the same time.
  2. I would also like something that would stop those horrible crinkly  saggy skin in my neck….it is not much to ask.  I am happy with my face but my neck I need to hide…. and actually when I think about it my arms have suddenly started to do the same, so can you include them too.
  3. I would like the man who suddenly can do no wrong  to be healthy and live a long time.  Perhaps move a bit quicker and  maybe not sleep so much!
  4. I would like  Z  at work to get some sex soon, because she is making everybody’s life a misery with her grumpiness.
  5. I would like to have just enough money to retire and live comfortably.(I am tired if working)
  6. …and don’t forget a little extra so I can travel
  7. I would like enough self esteem not to care if people don’t like me.
  8. I want to continue this wonderful journey off self discovery,   AKA as my life.   for a while yet.
  9. and a little bit more kindness and patience in my soul would come in handy, especially at three o’clock in the morning with people who are ill.. ( like last night!)
  10. …..and top of that, I would like an ipad…or similar.

Not a lot to ask is it?

Merry Christmas…love to Rudolph.

Love Denise.

Ps, I have tried to be very very good.  Please ignore that little slip when I  chipped the cup in the tea shop and didn’t own up!

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  1. I hope that Santa has doubles (or triples) of many of the items on your list because we both want the same things, with the exception of more sex for Z. But if it would make your life easier at work, Denise, I’ll add it to my list because poor Z sounds as if she needs some relief! 😉 I also hope that Santa puts a magical potion in my stocking – one that makes all the grey hairs on my head disappear.

    I have a question about your upcoming trip(s) to Paris – are you going to be here on Christmas Day and in January? I just noticed the Paris trip countdown clock on the right sidebar of your blog.


  2. Great list Denise – as I’m reading the items, I certainly would add the following to my list as well; Definitely #2 and not just for my neck – would want it to extend up to my face! Definitely # 3 for my dear husband ! Definitely # 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!!! Regarding # 4 – don’t know your colleague Z but if more sex will help her attitude at work, then I’ll throw that one in too! LOL! And I would add # 11 to my list – that my friend Denise and her colleagues are not made redundant!


  3. Ah, zut alors, I had hoped my Advent Calendar was making gift buying easier, Denise. To think, I was out performed by a trip to Paris!!!
    Since its kind of hard and slightly illegal to purchase sex for another individual, perhaps you could get Z a toy. The battery operated kind, you know, the ones housewives in the 50’s would refer to as massagers.


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