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Here is my facebook status from Saturday. “Going to brave the Trafford Cente today…huge shopping “mall”/temple to consumerism.  Built like a Greek palace. No windows anywhere so you lose track of space and time. just to get you to spend your money. Send out a rescue party if I am not back by 5pm!” Like ·  … Continue reading

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The Richmond Tea Rooms in Manchester,  is situated down a back street, near the bus station and the Gay village and is a bit difficult to find.  Lots of people find it however because it was packed on Saturday afternoon.. My friend Redqueen had been told that they will not take bookings for less than six … Continue reading

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I HAD A DREAM…….musings.

One of my favourite  reads is the blog ” tales from the chambre de bonne” and recently  the author, Ella, published this reflection on , giving it all up and making your dream come true, as she did by moving to Paris. This particular post and the replies, really made me think about my … Continue reading