Hello everybody.
Thanks for reading my blog.  I realise that people  have difficulty commenting here so I have set up a new wordpress blog.  I need to know that people can comment before I continue, so would be grateful if you could leave comments on the new blog before I proceed.
Lots of love

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  1. Denise, Here's my test comment. Mary Kay PS While I really like the layout of your blog, one thing that I've noticed is that the sidebars make it kind of tricky to get to the comment section, write a comment and post it. That may be part of the problem. On the other hand, I've come to realize that lots of readers just don't like to leave comments.


  2. Hi Denise,I tried to post on your new blog and it didn't work. OTOH, I've never had issues posting here, lolDo you find WordPress as user friendly as Blogger? I found it cumbersome to post pictures and so I switched to Blogger. Hope you get it sorted out either way.Jo


  3. Apparently the first time you post on wordpress it has to be approved by me. Then you can leave comments I think. Thanks for your patience.Don't worry I will continue to blog here too until I get it sorted out.Love Denise


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