I know I am restricted by all sorts of gagging clauses and confidentiality clauses regarding my job, but this is SO important in my life that I just have to blog  how I feel about about it.

On Tuesday, we were given notice of a 90 day consultation period for 500 redundancy’s, 500 whole time equivalent jobs  ( which is more that 500 people, as most people work part time in my  demanding place of work)
There are also other uncomfortable measures proposed,  like everybody will work 12.5 hour shifts,  so they can cut staff numbers  and   ” if agreement cannot be reached TBT may consider terminating the existing contracts of certain groups of staff and combining this with an immediate offer to re-engage on revised terms and conditions of employment”..
This is  they say,  to cope with the financial crisis that is facing my place of work. Which I shall call The Bureaucracy Trust.  (TBT)  This is no secret as it has been in the media
.  I am not going to comment on  the morality of all this,  rather how I feel about it. But I am chosing my words very carefully

Having always worked in a pretty secure profession, it really came as a shock that I could actually loose my job .I complacently felt that the world cannot do without people in my profession.    I also am employed in public services and that also I thought  gave me more security.
I have read about other people being made redundant, felt sorry for them but never REALLY appreciated what it means.
So this morning I am reeling from the knowledge that I could actually be out of work in three months.  Panic….I have a mortgage,
Panic….at my age I will not get another job.
Panic…will I ever go to Paris again?
Panic……will I lose my house,
Panic…I will spiral down into poverty and depression.
Panic….I will end up living in a cardboard box!The mood at work varies from
I am Ok this will happen to other people and I feel really sorry for them,”  
” I am too important /insignificant  to be made redundant”  
“I will be out of work in three months”HELP”
“I will take any rubbish measures and do anything to keep my job!
Back stabbing
“what can I do to discredit my colleagues/ justify my position, so that they will be chosen instead of me”
” we can’t let them do this, we will march and threaten strike action”
“we are all in this together, what can we do to minimise the damage?”

Yes unfortunately this situation brings out the worst and the best in people

Today, I am definitely in the Panic camp. I am a union representative and sat in meetings all day yesterday and I am being realistic,  nobody is safe from the outside consultants, who have been brought in to to the  job.
I swang between wanting to march and threaten strikes to the more realistic damage limitation stance.

So watch this space.

But for the meantime I am off to Glasgow for a bit of me time and to forget my anxietes.

Love Denise.

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12 thoughts on “A RAINY DAY?

  1. So sorry to hear that Denise, wishing you and your colleagues all the best. The circumstances are different of course, but I would never have thought I'd be out of work a couple of years ago and I can definitely empathise. Keep us posted.


  2. So sorry to hear what you and your colleagues are facing, Denise. Unfortunately, the reverberations of the financial crisis that began in 2008 are still being felt around the world. The only ones that haven't suffered are those who are responsible for the crisis ~ the greedy bankers, investment firms, and hedge fund managers who created the faulty investment products (Mortgage backed securities, credit default swaps, sub prime mortgages). They have actually done quite well, being bailed out by the governments and continuing to pay themselves outrageous bonuses and salaries. The greatest shame of this crisis is that no one has been punished, no one has gone to jail or been made to pay restitution.Meanwhile, regular people around the world continue to lose their jobs, their homes, their security. Austerity is the name of the game in countries everywhere and it's the citizens that pay the heaviest price. Look at what is happening in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and, as you know, the UK. I hope things work out for you and those around you. I am thinking of you today.Jo


  3. Like the others I'm really sorry to hear this Denise. I do hope it doesn't mean that you lose your job – it seems so short sighted to get rid of the people who are essential to our health and well being while senior managers, financiers and politicians keep their jobs. At least when my former employer had to cut staff the process was voluntary and a lot of those who left, like myself, gained from it.I hope you are managing to relax and enjoy your "me time" in Glasgow and forget your troubles for a while. Looking forward to seeing you soon, Janet x


  4. Yesterday I remembered your blog posts from when you lost your job Gwan and was comforted by the fact that you lived to fight another day and still managed to travel…..sometimes we don't realise what we write is useful to others.Love Denise


  5. What really angers me is that the banks were bailed out to the tune of billions. It would take only a fraction of that to bale us out now, what is priority here? and don't get me started on how this situation has been brought about.


  6. Oh Denise, I wish I could offer some amazing words of comfort. Unfortunately, I feel your angst as I have had a layoff threat looming for months. It is no fun, but I have been busy making contingincey plans in the meantime. This gives me something on which to refocus my energy. Like yourself, I am in the health field which I felt was "immune" (excuse the pun)to our economic woes. Not so and as millions of of other Americans, I am wondering how Obamacare will affect me both personally and professionally. Try to enjoy Glasgow and trust that you are an intelligent, resourceful and creative person who will find a way to pull through. HUGS, Nancy


  7. I'm so pleased it helped a little bit. As you say, we never know what effect sharing our experiences may have and I'm sure you will be helping others too. Of course, we'd rather be reading about happy things, but fingers crossed for us both! x


  8. Denise, I hope that you were able to enjoy your time in Glasgow dancing to the tunes of Motown and forget about the situation at work for a couple of hours. As Nancy says, you're an intelligent, resourceful and creative person who will find a way to manage no matter what happens. Please know that you and your colleagues are in my thoughts. I know how news like this has a way of taking over our lives. At least you've got a fancy new bicycle to ride. That will keep you healthy and hopefully give you some moments of respite from worrying.As for the question about if you will ever go to Paris again – the answer is yes! Please remember that you're always welcome to stay at our place. It's in the boring 16th but it's in Paris and won't cost you anything.Please keep us posted. I'll be watching this space.


  9. Mary Kay, I had a great time in Glasgow, thanks. Took my mind away from my worries for a while. Thanks for your thoughts and generous invitation. You are such a kind person.Love Denise


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