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I have an awful feeling  my bike is terminally ill.!
It has developed an embarrassing   intermittent squeak and despite having it serviced three times, new brake pads, new gear cassette, degreased, re-oiled and generally tightened up,( bit like an old movie star having several facelifts, )  I am afraid that my total neglect and daily use, over the last five years has taken it’s toll.
On Sunday, just a week after the last bit of TLC, it started the loud squeaking again. Embarrassingly,  on a difficult ride up a local hill, causing all the pedestrians to look round as I approached.
So I dropped my beloved friend off at Decathlon (the bike store) again to see if they would diagnose the problem.  Chatting to  Andy the bike mechanic I told him of my fear that it was knackered and maybe it was time to consider a new model.
He than put temptation in my way by showing me a shiny new red number, and even let me ride it around the shop!

With true cyclists empathy, he recognised my guilty feelings at even contemplating getting rid of my old faithful GIANT, and did not give me a hard sell, but said softly,  “it’s hard isn’t it?” ” you don’t have to decide today.  Something to think about for the future.”
I nearly cried.  He understood perfectly how I felt . It was my fault, as I rarely cleaned my bike, never degreased it and worse, sprayed WD40 on her.  How was I to know that WD 40 just attract dirt and would make the problem worse.
So now , a bit like when an old  beloved pet is old and ill,  I will have to decide, when to decide that she needs to be put out of her misery.
Funny how one develops and emotional attachment to a bicycle.  I remember about a year ago, I nearly bought  a new bike, tempted by the government t ” cycle to work ” scheme, where they give you an interest and tax  free loan to buy a bike, payable back over a year.  I fell for an elegant white Scott Hybrid.  but when it came down to it I just could not turn my back on my old faithful friend who had served me well, through thick and thin, summer and winter, rain and shine,   for four years……. It is almost as if the bike becomes part of you.

But now maybe it is time to make that decision. and put my old bike out to pasture.
  Just let me get used to the idea first.

Love Denise

UPDATE…..18th November 2012
Introducing “Daisy” my new hybrid bike.  Silver and purple with 24 gears and frint suspension. A dream to ride and help get me up those hills.

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  1. Don't feel too guilty. I would have sprayed WD 40 on my bike because it seems to work like a charm on everything else. I know what you mean about noisy bikes though because I recently rode a Velib with loud brakes. It wouldn't have been a problem except that we were riding down a hill and everyone kept turning around to see what was making the horrendous noise. Good luck with your decision. The shiny new red number is a beauty…but does it go with your wardrobe?! 😉


  2. I'm with Janet! Your old bike has served you faithfully, but, man, will you look hot on that snazzy red number!! Maybe you can donate your old bike to a place who can refurbish it and it could be useful for a little while longer.Jo


  3. "The shiny new red number is a beauty…but does it go with your wardrobe?! ;)" This made me laugh.! good point, they have dark pink ones too,maybe I should order one of those.I went back to the shop last night and the bike mechanic said, it's a nice idea to keep something from the old bike to put on the new and he could transfer the pannier rack for me. This lad should be a counsellor!


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