afternoon tea. manchester.


The Richmond Tea Rooms in Manchester,  is situated down a back street, near the bus station and the Gay village and is a bit difficult to find.  Lots of people find it however because it was packed on Saturday afternoon..
My friend Redqueen had been told that they will not take bookings for less than six but if we hang around we would get a table.
I arrived early and gave my name to the waiter and the  in the 15 minutes I waited for Redqueen to arrive they must have turned away four or five couples.
The decor is unashamedly kitch, but the atmosphere is warm and friendly.  The service is second to none. In that warm northern way, they have no pretensions.  They really seem to enjoy workig there and want to give the customers a good experience.
We soon got a table and ordered our tea.
We were intrigued to observe on the next table a group of people with dolls.  Eventually my curiosity got he better of me and I had to go and ask.  They were a bit reluctant to tell me at first,  not sure why, they were in a public place  but eventually they told me, they likes Asian ball jointed dolls.  They customise them and dressed them up. So they and their dolls were having a get together a dolls tea party.
. mmm, takes all sorts.!
So we enjoyed our tea.  The queens tea at £18
For the second time it lived up to expectations.  The sandwiches were slightly less fresh than before, but the scones were delicious, the cakes were wonderful and we got a second pot of tea on request.
It was a lovely afternoon chatting with a friend, catching up on her New York trip and my Boston trip.
Thanks to Redqueen.
Love Denise
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  1. It was indeed a lovely afternoon, thank you Denise. Your photos came out well too. I think in the interests of research we really must do the Lowry Hotel next time, although I'm not too sure about Eccles cakes and Vimto jelly!


  2. Eccles cakes and Vimto jelly! is that what they serve? I don't like Eccles cakes, my mum would make them with left over pastry, sugar and currants, but Vimto jelly sounds nice.Love Denise


  3. Mmm, my mouth is watering at the sight of the scones and clotted cream! I wish that I could join your afternoon tea research project. Let me know if you ever need a partner in crime in Paris, Dennis. I've only had tea at the George V but I'm sure that there have to be some other places that do afternoon tea.Two questions – are you not always given an extra pot of tea in England? It seems that the places that I've been have automatically refilled the tea pot without an additional charge but your post made me think that perhaps it isn't the norm. And what is Vimto jelly?


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