Coming back from a trip makes everything look different.  I see thing with new eyes.  One of the things I am re-evaluating is my wardrobe.
I manage to survive for up to ten days with a carry on case,  so why do I have three wardrobes and a rack, full of clothes, shoes, handbags?  When I think about it, I only ever wear a few favourites at one time.  The rest of the stuff languishes in my wardrobe, in the vain hope that I will fit into it,again,  I will find something that matches,   it will come back in to fashion or ( horror!) I may gain weight again and need it.  OR  I may just get round to ironing it someday.
So I have resolved to streamline my life starting with my clothes……and the first thing that goes is the ironing basket.  I HATE ironing, so if it needs ironing   it is not my friend.    OUT IT GOES!, along with all the stuff that has been laying there for months.  I have lived without them and will not miss them
What a relief!  the ironing basket is no longer there  with that smug smile that makes me feel so guilty.

My trick is not to get creases in the clothes in the first place, so I fold them up in the ironing basket instead of just tossing them in,  I don’t overfill the washer and use a TINY bit of fabric conditioner.  Then I take them out straight away and shake the clothes vigorously, sort of flap them ( auntie Graces tip)  before hanging them to dry on hangars.

As it is autumn and I have lost weight, I now need some new clothes.  So on my recent trip to London I attempted to get together my “capsule wardrobe” . Travelling so often has changed the way I buy clothes as I now but them with an eye to taking them on my travels.

and here are the rules.

Everything must be washable and be able to be hung up to dry quickly.  No ironing!

Everything needs to match, so a maximum of three basic colours.

Everything must be lightweight.

I must REALLY like every item, or it goes back.

So I started with a coat,
  This lovely burgundy alpaca and wool  coat from M&S

So with a colour scheme of burgundy, black and coral/pink……

 I found some snazzy purple jeggings, a soft long line  purple cardigan and  two really nice silky tops

Enough of the modelling, too hard work, and I discovered that Michael is an even worse photographer than me!
  plus he kept making me laugh!
So you will have to do with the clothes on hangars.

and COMFY black boots...

and of course the accessories…..

lovely soft leather burgundy gloves.

I bought a scarf and bag, but took them back because my own scarf was nicer and I decided if I was going to buy an expensive bag, burgundy was not the right colour.

..and I already have some favourite things at home which will match.

 Two dresses

and of course the French have taught me that any outfit starts with the right underwear!

Ooh la la!

Can’t decide whether to buy one of these hats.

Wool Rich Bow Pull On Hat
Per Una Pure Wool Leaf Scroll Cloche Hat
Product Image

Love Denise.

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12 thoughts on “THE CAPSULE WARDROBE.

  1. Wow! Wish I could do that! I always intend to put together a collection of clothes that all go together but somehow it never works out right. I've managed one complete outfit this autumn but everything else is a mishmash!Love the jeggings and long cardi and the dress with the black panels. Definitely buy a hat, they suit you.


  2. Glad you both like the dress, I got it from Beales in Bolton and it was only £35!. The black panels are very flattering and it is the right length for a "more mature" lady….I have good legs, due to the cycling, but I think women over a certain age (50) should not show their knees!…in the shops there tend to be too short dresses.Gwan, glad you noticed the picture on the wall, it is a print of Gutave Callebottes Rue de Paris, temps de pluie. I love it, bought it at the Marmottan, my little bit of Paris.Love Denise


  3. Wow…you look amazing in those leggings! At the time we met, we were bundled up in the wind and rain of a chilly Paris! I followed the advice of a friend and reduced my wardrobe with this simple trick. I arranged the items on hangers by color. As I wore each piece I turned the hanger around. Whatever I did not wear (indicated by the direction of the hanger)in one yr, a full seasonal cycle…I donate to charity. It worked out well and I have NEVER even noticed the items I donated.Hoping that you enjoy your new clothes and that someone besides you appreciates the new lingerie! Even as a single woman, there is nothing like the feeling of knowing you are dressed (or can be undressed..?)and ready for whatever happens! LOL


  4. Ah Denise, you are a woman after my own heart! I haven't ironed in years (and I'm so lucky that the few items that ever need to be ironed,maybe 4-5 a year, my wonderful hubby does). I also don't buy anything delicate that needs hand washing ~ if it doesn't go in the washer and dryer, I don't own it, lolI'm still not as organized as you though. I love the new capsule wardrobe and also think you look stunning in your leggings and flower shirt and sweater. Count me as another fan of the dress with the panels ~ just my style!I find the more I travel, the more I try to pare down what I bring ~ my ultimate aim is to do carry on one day, but I don't think Den will ever get there ~he's much worse than me, lol. A fashion post ~ what fun!Jo


  5. Yes, I have gone from lugging checked on large suitcases to now only doing carry on and I do splendidly. My daughter taught me that…such a difference in our initial travels where I was struggling with my behemoths and she was zipping about with her tidy carry on's to/from the hotel /airport together. At any rate..yes, I also love your paneled dress …also esp love your purple sweater and think you look great in leggings and boots! Love your color choices. Love those hats…did you try them on? I bet they would be v. cute on you! That Callebotte painting is one I particularly wanted to see in Chicago (!) last time I was there..but no! It was on loan somewhere else..but do love that painting. I also avoid ironing..ha!


  6. Nancy, what a good idea! I will try that. Jo, I am not that organised. Today it is pouring down so I have used the time to finish off the clearing out, which I think I do often, but I found lots of stiff I had forgotten I'd got. Five pairs of hold up stocking which I have never worn. I have bought them in pairs but never worn the second pair and just got new ones whenever I wore a different dress obviously!Cybee, I now realise I was very lucky to see the original painting at the Marmotton when I visited a couple of years ago. I didn't know it was famous but was fascinated with it so bought a print. No not bought a hat yet. Really can't find the right colour to match the coat need a dark pink or berry colour, they are all too purple Love Denise


  7. Ooh, la, la Denise! I'm surprised that Michael didn't insist that you continue modeling your clothes at least until you got to the lingerie!The snazzy purple jeggings look fabulous on you and I'm sure that everything else does as well. You made some very good selections that I hope I'll see you wearing soon in Paris.I love how you very matter of factly state that it's autumn and you've lost weight. I didn't know that it works that way!


  8. I am not telling what happened with the lingerie!!!!Yes "it is Autumn and I have lost weight" does sound funny when you put it like that. I meant, I need warmer clothes and I have also lost weight so my last years clothes don't fit me. Having said that, I usually loose weight in the summer as I cycle so much, then gain weight over the winter because my cycling is limited with the weather.Love Denise


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