You know how it is.  You wake up in the morning, it is dark and the first thing a cyclist listens for is the wind and rain.  

Today I could hear the rain against the window.  Lazybones, my little demon,  lying besides me says.  ” too dangerous to ride today!  …. I hit the snooze button and snuggle down   and awake with a jolt as a the alarm goes off ten minutes later.

In the kitchen I put on the kettle and peer out of the window, the pavements are wet, but there is now just a drizzle and the trees don’t seem to be moving THAT much. Fitness freak, my other demon says  OH! maybe it will stop before I set out.”

 In my head it starts, “bike or car, bike or car?. Car or Bike? Bike or car?….”

I look at the weather forecast on my phone, it looks like the weather will clear up before I am due home. The demons start.   Fitness freak saying ” don’t let a bit of rain stop you”   Lazybones saying “you must be mad, nice warm car, arriving dry”

Then they are joined by their friends,

  Bankmanager says“Just think how much petrol you will be wasting”

Lazybones...” what are you trying to proove?  you are getting too old for this”

Fitness freak....“You will loose your fitness….  recent studies show that older people who regularly excercise have healthier brains than couch potatoes”

Bankmanger....”Thin end of the wedge”

Then two new voices!

Wimp...“nothing as miserable as riding in the rain”

Egowoman…”Are you just a fair weather cyclist?”

As I eat my breakfast I try to ignore the voices and turn up the radio, determined to bike to work no matter what. Bankmanager ..” Just think how many Paris trips I can go on with the money I save”.  This enough to motivate me!

As I walk to the garage in the fine drizzle,  the car seems to smile at me enticingly ” nice and warm and dry in here”  I hesitate for a moment, ignore it,  then open the garage door.  ( notice the bike is kept in the garage and the car in the drive!)

I  obstinately stick my nose in the air, still hearing  Lazybones  saying “you must be mad”.

Then I get on my bike and set off. leaving all the voices, fighting it out on the drive,  feeling the pleasant breeze and the cooling dampness  The endorphins kick in, I feel good and I am so pleased with myself.

Once you’re wet, you,re wet!.

Love Denise

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