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So, continuing the hunt for the capsule wardrobe I visited Kensington High street, where you find posh versions of high street stores, serving the well heeled population around. For some reason the TK Max has much better stuff than our local branch and the Italian place opposite, which I think is called Prezzo,  is great for a delicious and inexpensive lunch and people watching as “ladies who lunch” all seen to congregate there
In Marks and Spencer I was amused to be address as “madam” everywhere and the rather camp assistant exclaimed “of course you could never be a size 16 madam, you are far too trim!”…love him!
Kensington Palace is very handy for Kensington gardens and Palace.
They have made a good job of revamping Kensington Palace. Instead of those headphone commentaries, stories are told by a series of commentaries, heard when standing in certain places.
Kensington Palace is always synonymous with Princess Diana and there is a room devoted to her, but there are  also  extensive displays associated with Queen Victoria, who was brought up there. William and Mary  and George.
I never understood who William (of Orange) and Mary were, but I learned that Mary was the protestant daughter of James 2nd, who had tried to restore Catholicism to England, and William was her Dutch protestant cousin.  Their union established England as a protestant country.
But of course Kensington Palace is famous for it’s royal frocks and here they are
Queen Victoria
Quenn Victoria s wedding dress
Prince Alberts wedding outfit
Gorgeous views from the windows.
Mourning dress
Party dress
Dianas dresses

Newspaper headline during Voctorias Jubilee……nothing changes!
Duchess of Devonshires party dress
Georges throne

Georgean dress.  HMMM!

Can this salon compete with the hall of mirrors?

On my way out I was passed by this parade of coach and horses, complete with police outriders.  Wonder who it was?

Finally, if you have afternoon tea in London, rather than  one of the fancy stores or hotels try the Orangerie in Kensington gardens near the Palace.  Such a wonderful setting and the knowledge that royal persons of history have been there.
Inside the Orangery
Love Denise
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2 thoughts on “PALACES AND FROCKS.

  1. Unbeknownst to us, we really were circling around each other last week, Denise! Heidi and I had a late breakfast at the Orangerie in Kensington Gardens on Wednesday morning. I keep thinking about what a surprise it would have been to bump into you. I'll have to visit Kensington Palace the next time that I'm in London. The dresses look beautiful. I remember seeing photos of Princess Diana wearing the white one.


  2. What an amazing coincidence. Hope you enjoyed the Orangerie. Yes do visit Kensington Palace next time you get the chance.I think the English do this sort of exhibition rather well.Love Denise


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