On a beautiful, sunny,  New England day we drove down the highway, to Cape Cod.  In just a week the trees had started to change colour and I could see what a spectacular show they gave and why air fares increase so much after October 1st..
 We were joined by my friend’s,  friend, Mo. A down to earth New Englander of Irish descent, who has never been on a plane.  Mo was such good fun, but I suspected did  not suffer fools lightly, so I was really flattered when on the last evening of my trip of my trip she brought me one of her precious china teacups as a souvenir.  Mo and my friend could not get over how much tea I drink!
When we arrived at Cape Cod, we meandered along roads with traditional houses tiles with wood, which is left unpainted to weather. 
We stopped at this quaint general store

..and later stopped for lunch. I had a delicious tuna salad 
..My friend had “fish and chips”
..( nothing lke the English version.  Where are the mushy peas?)

We stopped at the most beautiful beach.  There were seals frolicking in the sea near the shore, but I couldn’t get a picture of them  There must have been 20.  Somebody said they had come near the shore to get away from the sharks.

Once again my imagination was fired by a plaque, explaining that the pilgrims landed here first, having been blown off course on the way to Virgina,  then travelled along the coast to Plymouth. Establishing a colony there.

I marvelled at the bravery, or foolishness, of these people , who set off into the sea, on a journey to a land they knew nothing of.    Having finally found land, they then got back in their boat a month later and moved to another unknown place. Half of the original settlers died the first winter.  It must have been hard.

Me and Mo having fun!

One of the highlighs of the day, was a visit to an iconic Ben and Jerrys ice cream parlour

I was spoiled for choice

I finally settled on peanut butter and chocolate…heavenly!

More laughter!

Then to visit another calmer beach, where the sun shimmered on the sea.

A great end to a wonderful day.
Love Denise

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3 thoughts on “PILGRIMS CHOICE, Cape Cod

  1. Lovely photos of the Cape, Denise. I grew up in Quincy and spent MANY summer weekends in Brewster. You are lucky to have visited in Fall when it's possible to arrive on the Cape without spending hours in traffic! Your post (and blog of this vacation) has made me rethink a trip home for sooner rather than later…..but dare I go in mid-winter?


  2. This post should come with a "Photo of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Read at your own risk!" warning for Americans. I'm seriously craving some ice cream right now…and my stomach is full. If our local grocery store wasn't closed, I would be on my to get a container of New York Fudge instead of posting a comment!


  3. Oh Mary Kay…we do have Ben and Jerry's in the UK, but you buy it in small tibs from the supermarket. Somehow it tasted better in The US. I could become seriously addicted. I liked how she let me try the flavours before buying…. Just one of the better ideas they could import to the UK Love Denise


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