Boston. USA. Hopkinton. New England.North Bridge / Cape Cod


the State House Boston

Frankly I have been so overwhelmed with America,  I have not blogged because I did not know where to begin..  Now as I sit in Logan airport, waiting to depart, I am trying to get my experience in some sort of order.

As expected, everything is bigger,brighter, louder and  more spread out,  yet as I said the first day, very familiar as we see it on TV all the time. My senses have been assaulted with sights smells, sounds and tastes.
I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of my friend, who has hosted my visit at what turned out to be a difficult time.  I see though that the American people are friendly, welcoming  and perky …incessantly so.
I am sorry but “Good Morning America” the daily breakfast show, is just TOO perky for me  ( and probably most Brits) The were smiling and jumping around with an enthusiastic audience at 8am every day.  Please, give me  the calm and restrained,Lorraine and Aled any time! 
 Other than that the cheeriness and friendliness was refreshing change from European dourness and indifference.  Although I did get a bit nervous one day in a supermarket queue, when the checkout lady elicited from the young girl in front of me,  whose party she was going to, how old she was what her parents names were, when did they move locally, where they had come from and even their address!..all in the space of scanning a basket. … I waited for my own third degree when she heard my accent……this lady should  work for the security services!. and they could close down Guantanamo bay years ago!

I spent 4 days in Boston city as a tourist, and then three days being driven around seeing the rest of New England.  The weather was not kind, I only had two days of sunshine and the rest of the time it rained, but to a Lancashire girl this was not a problem.

My overriding observation is about the size of the food portions and the size of the cars.

I only saw one Smartcar all the time I was there.

It took me four days of indigestion to realise that you are not expected to finish the plate!..  but for somebody who usually eats what is put in front of her it is very difficult to overcome this conditioning and I would unconciously push myself to eat as much as I could.  I don’t really understand why you are given, as the norm, twice as much as you need. but not expected to eat it all.

The thought crossed my mind that if I didn’t get on the plane would they come looking for me?  It would be easy to disappear in this vast country and yes I could live here, except that I would miss my family and Michael…….  who to my relief, survived a solo trip to the South of France while I have been here.  I was also envious of his trip.

So over the next few days I will try to post some more blog entries from my notes.

So many places to see, so little time.

Roll on next April when I visit my brother in California. I can’t wait to go back.

Meanwhile here are a few pictures.

Love Denise

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 A fun re enactment of the Boston tea party at the museum.

 Boston Common

An oxymoron?


 Boston Common

 Posh Charles St.

 Even posher Beacon Hill.

 The lorrys are HUGE!

Skyline from the Charles river

 Ubiquitous tall buildings

Huge sandwiches. Can anybody eat these?

 Cape Cod.

 Delicious tuna salad lunch. Enough for two!… but who would think of adding blue cheese and tuna?

Cape Cod

Having fun!

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5 thoughts on “GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  1. Great pictures and insightful blog, as always. Yes, things are bigger here in North America (we've got pretty big cars, food portions and everything else here in Canada too, lol). Hope you have a safe trip home. Enjoy your reunion with Michael.Jo


  2. Sorry that the weather wasn't more pleasant while you were in New England. Sunny autumnal days are glorious there. As for the oversized food portions, many (most) of the women I know immediately cut their meal in half and ask for a doggy bag. That way they don't feel any pressure to finish the food on their plate and they have something for their next meal. I once overheard an American chef defend his smaller portions by saying that he wants to serve one perfect meal — not dinner and lunch for the next day. Still, Americans don't feel that they're getting the same band for their buck if the portions are small.I wish that I would have known that you were going to Cape Cod. I would have suggested that you meet my daughter who lives there during a portion of the week.North American perkiness can be tiring, as can all of the television commercials. Still, I love my country and am happy that you had the chance to experience it!I'm glad to hear that Michael had a safe trip to the South of France and that the two fo you are together again!


  3. HI Denise! Interesting blog. As for the weather, MK said it and I agree that Autumn is usually a wonderful time to be in New England. Like my April visit to Paris, a rain soaked holiday can be disappointing.Americans think meals bigger are better and this is why we are a society of excess weight. (You should watch the fascinating movie "Supersize Me")Doggie bags are part of the dining out experience and many restaurants put a container and bag on the table without even asking.Next time, please consider a layover in Florida on your way to or from California!Or if you come to Florida on holiday in the middle of winter….bring a swimsuit!Safe travels


  4. Strangely enough,Jo, Nancy and Mary Kay, the people didn't strike me as being very overweight. But then again,obesity is becoming a problem for the people in the north west of England. I did eventually get round my conditioning by serving the food onto a smaller plat, but could not bring myself to take any home and felt really guilty about leaving stuff..I understand about the doggie bag thing, but no matter how good the food was, the thought of carrying it around and taking it home unrefrigerated, then reheating it the next day did not exactly appeal to me. Apart from the risk of food poisoning, tuna, lobster, salad with dressing and greasy vegetables do not improve with keeping.Mary Kay I looked for your son on that street, but did not spot a man who looked like you. I did however see so many women who looked like you it was uncanny. I did a double take many times. You must have many relatives.Anyway I loved America, missing it already. I think it may just be taking over from Paris as a place I want to be.


  5. Glad you're back and reunited with Michael. You sound as if you had a good time!I've never understood the doggy bag thing either – what are you supposed to do with it, especially if you're going on somewhere after your meal, yuk!I'm off to New York next Monday, via Belfast and Dublin. My sil has afternoon tea booked at the Merchants Hotel in Belfast so I'll let you know if it's up to our standard!


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