Boston. USA. Hopkinton. New England.North Bridge


All day I have felt like I was in some film set.
 I said that the outside world knows the US through films and TV,  well this place is so familiar and yet larger than life.
Different coloured wooden houses are scattered all over the New England landscape, with large gardens and porches where people are actually  still sitting in the warm Autumn sun.  Stars and stripes flags flutter everywhere.  I asked my friend if this is in honour of some historical event, but she said no they just do that.

Hopkinton is a stereotypical  sleepy town, with a wide Main street, and large “shops” that would be consider big stores in the UK.

The Police station is so well kept, with trimmed privet hedges and a beautiful green lawn. More like a posh hotel, than a jailhouse!

This morning I enjoyed my first cup of real American coffee, watching a red squirrel collect chestnuts and store them down a drain, popping up from the different holes in the drain to scurry off and find more treasure…… and there is a chipmunk!  I have never seen one before.
 The old car just added to the atmosphere.
My friend took me around the beautiful New England countryside, first to the American town of Bolton, where we bought some great figs, bananas and apple crisps and I had my first taste of some apple doughnuts.  Of course this is the season for apples and pumpkins which are everywhere, decorating the houses and piled up on stalls along the roadways.
. I wonder if the original inhabitants came from my Bolton in England.
  Then my friend showed me some historical sights and I was so impressed that the Americans saw fit to mark the spot where the enemy fell as well as their own.  Mariams corner.

We visited North Bridge, where the first shot of the American war of independence was fired at the British troops, who for some reason had marched overnight from Boston to the town of Concord, where the colonial “rebels” were holed up……..  Stupid men, if only they had the sense to go in the daytime, instead of at the end of  a night shift,  maybe history would be different.

Once again the Birtish soldiers who died are honoured.
Poor blokes, had been shipped across the Atlantic, to fight a battle they probably didn’t understand.
..and the “rebels” were just farmers who where fighting for the right to run their own affairs.
 The foliage is just starting to show the promise of the show it will give in a couple of weeks.  Maybe by next weeks I will see more.

Meanwhile, I listen to the TV messages, form all the politicians, which saturate the media. for not only is it the presidential election but congress and senate too and even a referendum about assisted suicide in this state.
Everybody I have come across is very friendly and willing to pass the time of day.  When they ask at the supermarket check out, “How ya doin?”  do they really want an answer?  My friend keeps telling them I am visiting from England, so a conversation ensues.  So nice.
Yes I got the car.! 
I had no problem with my paper driving licence from 1977, and my passport.  Se far I have just followed my friend back to her house from the next town, where I collected the car..The drovers are mad….nobody ever indicates!…  Tomorrow I will be on my own.
People of Massachusetts, Stay indoors!
Love from Massachusetts
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  1. Lovely report of your first day Denise, glad you're enjoying yourself. It looks lovely. Hope you get to see some more fall colours, I'm sure you will.Safe driving, love from Janet x


  2. We were all at Flore last week and asking…..wonder what Denise is doing ???….surely you haven't been sitting idle since this post! Paris was magnifique. Perfect weather ………………….update please


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