America. US. Boston.


Sitting at the airport.

  The rest of the world knows the US. through films and TV programmes.  The women are mostly glossy, airbrushed and glamorous. The men are handsome and chiselled.  Everybody smiles alot and talks loudly.  Policemen wear guns, because there is a lot of crime,or so it would seem from the crime dramas. Cars are big and roads are wide.  Everything is bigger, better, brighter.and brasher.

That is my impression of America, before I arrive.

I am beyond excited!

I am looking forward to the experience of American wait staff, who, I am told,  want to become your new best friend..and eating enormous portions of American food.   I really have to find out why Americans rave so much about European butter and cheese.  What is wrong with their butter and cheese.

and of course, I will not forget to sample the coffee!  if they think Starbucks and French coffee are bad, which I like, American coffee must be heavenly.

Does everybody really keep a gun in their house? Are the houses bigger than ours? do they all have cellars? and why do Americans complain about our washers?..and call our lifts small?

Is American customer service SO good, do they get compensated if  the sun doesn’t shine?

….and what do I do about tipping.  is 10% enough for everybody? from the train driver to the checkout girl?

Will they think I am friendly, or will they mistake my British reserve for stand-offishness?

I am beyond excited to see this new country and new culture.

But first I have to get through this 12 hour flight!

Love Denise

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6 thoughts on “COMING TO AMERICA.

  1. Ahhh, have a wonderful time Denise and I don't see how the people you meet can fail to see what a lovely warm, genuine person you are.P.S 10% may not be enough to tip, I've been told in New York to expect to tip wait staff, bar staff, taxi drivers etc 18-20% minimum!Love from janet x


  2. Now at Heathrow, waiting to board. Give me Manchester anytime!Yes but what do you give if there is no bill involved? To my amusement, an American couple just tried to tip a man in dollers who just pointed out to them a door to the terminal transfer bus.


  3. Bon voyage, Denise! I'm so excited that you're going to Boston!!!Janet is correct about the tips. In restaurants, bars, etc. in Boston I always tip 18-20%. The friend you're staying with will be able to advise you.Let me know if you some extra time while you're there and I'll see if you can meet Penny at Boston Zest. She's a sweetheart and knows everything there is to know about Boston!Be sure to walk the Freedom Trail. If you go to Newbury St., as you probably will, let me know if you see a young man who looks like me drinking coffee in one of the shops because that's where my son lives.I look forward to seeing a city I love through your eyes, Denise.


  4. Hi Mary Kay…I keep seeing women who look like you everywhere. Do you have lots of sisters and cousins? There was even a woman on the plane a few seats in from who I was a dead ringer for you, but seemed to know all the crew.I will be sure to look out for your son in Newbury St when I walk the freedom trail tomorrow.Too tired to blog any more. The jetlag is catching up with me.Love Denise


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