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Sorry I know this is complicated!

Have I mentioned I am going to Boston,? LOL! 6 sleeps to go……Very excited! 
  I am visiting a friend who lives in a sleepy town just outside Boston . I am told by the friend I am that I will need a car, so I arranged car hire at the end of August.
I then  realised that my paper driving licence that I have had since 1995 will probably not be acceptable so I tried to apply in line for a new photographic liceince using my  chipped passport details.
That’s when I realised that the name on my passport does not match the name on my driving licence,,,,,the hyphen is missing!
Yes I have a hyphenated name,  very English!  My original  birth name did not have a hyphen, but in 1995 after having two marriages and four different names, I changed my name by deed and the hyphen was added.
After trying to apply on-line, on Sunday 26th August, the automated service told me I there was a problem and I would be sent a form to fill in,  I duly received this on Thursday 6th September.  The British postal service is not renowned for it’s speed.  I quickly filled in the form, in my current name of Kay-Jones (not my real name) got my neighbour to sign that she verified my identity and enclosed documents to show the link between my birth my name and my present name. as requested.
these were   ( names have been change)

Birth certificate. name of Denise  Kay ( mothers maiden name)  Jones. (fathers name)

Hated my full  name, never used it and never told anybody about it
1st marraige certificate  Denise Jones  to John Smith
Decree Absolute for Denise Smith and  John Smith.
At this point in my life my father, who was very angry at my first husband,  insisted I change my name back to the original Denise Jones. So I just changed all my bank details, driving licence, etc. I never actually used this name and I married again very shortly afterwards and often wonder if this marriage was actually legal as nobody then knew me as Denise Jones.
2nd marraige certificate Denise Jones ( formerly Smith) to Fred Brown
Decree Absolute Denise Brown  from Fred Brown.
As  eventually there was new Mrs Brown and I didn’t want another mans name when I was 80,  decided to change my name when my youngest child became 18… much to her annoyance.
Change of name deed, Denise Brown to Denise Kay-Jones
3rd Marraige certificate as Denise Kay-Jones to Michael Murphy.  from 12 years ago.
Having had all these names,  I decided to stick with my name of Kay-Jones when I married my 3rd husband. Michael Murphy.   It was an identity thing. Having researched  my family tree, found all these wonderful women I was descended from  and gone through so much angst to “find myself”  I decided to stick with this name for ever. This is who I am.
I also included current pay slip in name of Denise Kay-Jones. to Prove National Insurance number
 and State Pension statement in name of  Denise Kay-Jones. to prove current identity.
The form was completed and singed in the name of Denise Kay-Jones.
So I quickly posted this off and held my breath,  hoping I would get my new photographic licence in time for my Boston trip.
Imagine my relief when I found an envelope with the DVLA ( Driving and vehicle licensing agency) logo on it on return from Paris on 11th September.
The relief turned to frustration when I opened it to read the  letter 

“Dear Mrs Murphy, you omitted to sigh your application in your current name of Denise Murphy, Please complete a new form and forward it to us.”
What is wrong with these people?  do they not realise in this day and age women do not always change their name on marriage?  Why would I wait 12 years to change my name to my husbands?
So I sit and wait. Seven days to go and I anxiously wait the new photo licence.
Will I be able to drive in Massachusetts, or will I be isolated in some sleepy New England town?
Watch this space!
Love Denise
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8 thoughts on “WHATS IN A NAME?

  1. If you only could see that "sleepy" town on the day of the Boston Marathon!! Standing room only, lots of tailgating and one of the most awake suburbs of it's big sister. I am also envious that you will be in Boston….but then again, I will be in Paris!! I am hopeful that your license will arrive in time. If not, the area around Hopkington is lovely for a bike ride. And there is the State parkhttp://www.mass.gov/dcr/parks/northeast/hpsp.htmNancy


  2. LOL1 Mary Kay.. actually when I was considering transport options I found a bike hire place, much to my friends surprise….I may well be using it.Nancy, suffering form PPD at the moment as my lovely recent vist was all to brief. So the envy goes both ways.Love Denise


  3. Hello Megan..of course Kay is an old Bolton name. Peter Kay, Vernon Kay, even Kay street.We are probably all related somewhere way back… and we all have the same sense of humour!Love Denise


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