On my last morning in Paris I sit on the 96 bus, looking at Paris in the rain.  

My flight is at 1600h and I am saying goodbye.
I started at the Parmentier market on Bolulevard Richard Renoir, just outside my apartment.  It is wonderful just to step outside and there is a market in full swing.  I browse the stalls smelling the cheeses and admiring the piles of colourful vegetables and fruit.  The stall holders call out the price . “Cinq euro” cinq euro”

The bus rumbles through the narrow streets of the Marais, people with coulorful umbrellas, and obvious tourists in temporary plastic capes hurrying along in the rain..This is in contrast to the hot weather we have had for the past few days.
We pass the lovely Place des Voges, one of my favourite squares in the city, past the church of St Paul  and St Louie.  ( I always remember this because these are family names) and the impressive Hotel de Ville. When we cross the river  and pass the Palais de Justice there is a long queue to get in to see the windows in Sainte Chapelle……but everybody has the same idea to shelter from the rain.
I reflect on my weekend. One of the most enjoyable I have ever had in Paris.  A triumph to social networking. There are those who think that social network sites cause isolation and a breakdown in personal communication and interaction.  But this weekend disproves this theory and on Saturday there were about 20 people around our table at the Vendange who would never have met if it were not for social media sites and blogs.  Also some of those people ( like me) had learned valuable IT skills through this medium and had blogs of their own..

Now we are at St Sulphlice and the left bank.. Tourist central. I study the  interesting elaborate facedes of the building and enjoy the quaint cobbled streets and  wide boulevards.  Well heeled people elegantly walk the streets,  I love the way French women walk with confidence, their every move saying ” I am a sensual woman”

I have noticed on this trip there seems to be a lot of very good looking men about. Dark haired, well dressed men.  Who also seem to have a sense of their own sexuality and a kind of famine side.  I always love the way French men greet each other with a kiss on each cheek.

The window displays on rue de Rennes  are an art form in themselves and eventually we stop ay Montparnasse.  Not my most favourite of areas, although it seemed much loved by the gang in a Moveable feast,  I find it rather soulless.

I nip into the station  to use the toilet and lo and behold, somebody is playing one of the pianos still there from  the “Play me I’m yours” art installation  by British artist Luke Jerram..

So I grab a coffee from the liitle cafe and sat and listened to this impromtu concert.. Made me think of my dear husband. Who patiently waits for me while I go on my travels.  It will be nice to see him later.

When Michael and I were here in July we enjoyed several of these “concerts”.  The best of which was outside the  jazz club  le Duc de Lombards, when several passing musicians treated us to a diverse range  of music from classic to swing to jazz.

Finally I caught the bus back to the Gare du Nord.

Can I survive till January, without my regular Paris fix?

Love Denise

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5 thoughts on “THE WOMAN ON THE 96 OMNIBUS

  1. January?! You're not coming back to Paris until January?! For some reason, I was sure that you would be here again before the end of the year.But on the other hand, I see that it's only 9 days to Boston!


  2. LOL!Well in my head I am planning a November trip, but realistically I need to cut back on my finances, especially after the tax bill incident. But when was I ever realistic!Love Denise


  3. Ahhh…the #96 bus..one of my favorite routesI didn't know that marche was called 'Parmentier'..I thought it was Richard LenoirI should have known better.Thanks for the recap – you're lucky to live so close to Paris!


  4. Hi Parisbreakfasts. I like to ride the buses, sometimes I just get on a bus to see where it goes. Good activity for a rainy day. The Richard Lenoir is the big one further down near the Bastille on Boulevard Richard Lenoir. Love Denise


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