This story would make a wonderful novel.

Once upon a time there were several women, they came for different background, different countries, Uk, US, Australia,France,New Zealand, Malaysia, Denmark.  Different cultures, different lives, but they had one thing in common, they all loved Paris.  Their love of Paris drew them to join an internet chat forum about Paris..and the rest was history.
Over the years these women have met in Paris, shared holidays together but also shared relationship breakdowns, illness, family traumas, births, deaths.  Good times, bad times. and always been there for each other.
I don’t think any of them have met each other in their own environment so these unique relationship are just about each Person away from the masks and roles of their jobs, family, income  and cultures.
Each woman has a story behind her and that is what would make the novel.  Seeing he story behind each woman in their own environment,  and then togeher in Paris.

Anyway, some of these women came together this weekend …a wonderful joyful event , the Melac Vendange in Paris. A street party to celebrate the grape harvest of a vine that adornes thae wine shop owned by Monseuir Melac on rue Leon Frot in 11th arrondissenment Paris.

This has become an annual event for this group of women, (who were originally labelled “wild women” and are sometimes known as “Murielles” by the Australian member of the group.

There were honorary men at the gathering this year.  Most celebrated of all is a distinguished gentleman known as “Le Silver Fox”..A cheer greeted his arrival.. He  joined the group on the first  Vendange they attended,  even though he does not speak a word of English. has been an honoured guest ever since.

We were also honoured by the author of Paris daily photo, a blog which helps us Parisophiles to get our daily Paris fix

The mayor of the arrondissentt also pays a visit to see the famous Ronice author of the blog A Paris journey.

.and Sandyleam the famous dog napper.

We had  beautiful weather and the Best day ever.

I wish somebody would write that novel.!

Love Denise

More pictures

We arrived early to secure a table for our growing group.

People starting to arrive

Sandy even found a cute doggie to join us!

Eventually there was only room to sit on the floor.

Children to tread th grapes.

There was even food!

Young virgins pick the grapes.

More young ( at heart) virgins!


15 thoughts on “WOMEN WHO WRITE.

  1. OH, so much fun, Denise. But I do have one burning question….Is the Mayor available?? LOL Now seriously, this looks like an amazing event. Love your photos and commentary. Enjoy the beautiful weather you seem to be having at the moment. Surely is better than what we had in April. If it will only stay that way until my arrival on the 27th!Nancyb


  2. Thanks for all the nice comments…It was such a fun day.Nancy, the mayor is available, but (put it this way) he is very active in legislation to promote gay marriage and was highly visible in the gay parade this year…..


  3. The happiness radiates from all of you that day. What a grand event and how sad that I missed it. I really hope to be in Paris one day to attend the Vendage and meet of your fine French fanatics, lol.Great post, Denise. Now about writing that novel…………….Jo


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