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I say this everytime I come up from the metro when I arrive in Paris, What is it about Paris”
As I look around me I see a city with ordinary people going about their business, noisy traffic, litter, graffitti and large buildings where people live work and love.   Something keeps bringing me back here and everytime I get here I get that feeling…you know, that feeling of coming home, that feeling of relief, of all the cares of the world being lifted off my shoulders.
Perhaps,for me, Paris is an escape to a place where I can truly be who I am. Maybe “it” is undefinable, but I know I am not alone in this love of Paris.
So I check into my tiny attic studio with Olivier.  My great landlord “find” 
the compact kitchenette
With the clever little wet room
..and sit in my tiny balcony and have a cup of tea.
AHH!  I have arrived
Later I activated my 12 month subscription to the velib bike system on my navigo card. 
 How perfect, my two great passions, biking and Paris. All day I have this wonderful feeling of peace and excitement mixed in one and I cycle along leisurely with a silly smile on my face. The weather is hot and sunny and  as I pass Notre Dame , I feel like the stereotypical Parisian, wearing a dress and high heels on a bike.  Somehow, stupidly, health and safety goes out he window here.  
 I cycled over to the left bank and met some friends and fellow bloggers at Cafe de Flore, where we did a bit of people watching and talking.
…before making our way to L’Atelier Charonne on rue de Charonne in  the 11th arrondissment for a great night of Gypsy jazz, food and conversation with some old friends.
Photo: Friday night dinner and concert
GREAT MUSIC.. hope our noise didn’t disturb the other diners!

The food was not bad, Had a salmon salad starter and Chicken Taryaki.
Later on the way to the Charonne metro the road was closed while around 2000 skaters passed by.  Difficult to get a picture as they were going so fast.
I have heard abut these Pari Rollers before, but never seen them.  Quite an impressive sight.  They are supported by the police who close the roads ahead of them and followed by ambulances.
A lovely end to a great first day in Paris.
Love from Paris.

8 thoughts on “BONJOUR FROM PARIS.

  1. Have a wonderful trip….I arrive in less than 3 weeks and feel the same exciting anticipation of my return. Just wait until you "meet Boston". Spending time in my hometown gives me same inner peace and sense of self as you described when in Paris. And to top it off, Autumn in Boston (and neighboring Hopkington) is just lovely.


  2. Welcome back (home), Denise! It looks as if you're having a wonderful time. Seeing the Pari Rollers is always like the icing on the cake after an evening out on the town. They seem to come out of nowhere and are gone in the blink of an eye.


  3. omg Too funny!I stayed in that exact same studio two times.Loved every minute of it's mini space though I never had the nerve to sit on the tiny balcon..don't miss the #96 bus on the right corner – it goes all the way to St Sulpice and the driver will wait if yr running to catch it – very sweet.Did you find the Carrefour near rue Amelot? and yr just a hop and a skip to Merci, 111 bd Beaumarchaise-great lunch in the canteen.Loved that area. Have fun and thanks for stopping by parisbreakfast(I think..)Carolg


  4. Hello Parisbreakfasts, another very interesting blog to add to my ever growing list…. but how on earth did you find ME?… have I posted on your blog before?…for others, here is the link.http://www.parisbreakfast.com/What an amazing co-incidence that you have stayed in "my" little studio! I know it is lovely, there is something so cosy about it, even though it is basic and tiny. I was pleased to stay in the hot weather so I could make full use of the tiny balcony and have my morning coffee and my last thing at night drink, there.Love Denise


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