There are those days that make you glad to be alive and today is one of them.  Nothing dramatic, nor memorable has happened, just a nice day being a Grandma.
First day of school holidays and my six year old grandson, who shall be known as Geezer, had slept over.  The day dawned, warm and balmy so Geezer and I were up and out early for a planned bike ride. The house had been cleaned  yesterday so all was well with the world! LOL!
We ride down the street to the local park, to find the playground empty at this early hour, which was great because we can uninhibitedly  ride our bikes around and play a fantasy game in the climbing frame helicopter, pretending that we are flying to Lanzarote.  I even climb on top to mend the rota blade! 

Looking around the park and seeing the very clear view of Winter Hill, the highest point around with the TV mast,. in the distance and the green hills that wrap themselves around Bolton it struck me that this is really nice area to live in.

Eventually somebody else came along to interrupt our fantasy world and the spell was broken so we cycled to the cafe in the local supermarket for some refreshments.

Last week I said I would try to espouse the lifestyle I dream about in Paris and after my regular morning cycle ride, I have been visiting this cafe for a cup of tea, which is the nearest local cafe to my home.  There is a core of regulars who go in every morning and they were just in the process of leaving. so I nod to them.
Geezer and I then decided to cycle further afield to another park, where there is a more exciting adventure playground and more space to cycle.  
He doesn’t know it yet but I am secretly training Geezer to become my biking buddy.  So when he gets a bit older he can join me on longer proper cycle rides.  The park is about a mile and a half away and up some small hills  and Geezer does very well for a six year old on a heavy bike without gears. 
 As we pass through the housing estate where I live, the gardens are all lush and green, with the rain we have had this summer.  With the  few recent sunny days the flowers have all bloomed and there is also a riot of colour with beautiful heady perfumes in the air.   My contentment grew as we cruised along.

We  spent some time in Leverhulme park, cycling and climbing in the adventure playground.

“look Grandma, PARIS!”

…. then we returned to the supermarket cafe for sausage chips and beans for lunch and a fascinating conversation discussing really diverse and important subjects in the world of a six year old, like the best way to drink apple juice with a straw, his first holiday romance with an “older” girl ( aged 8!) and the correct names for genitals!.

The afternoons activity was watching Ice age 4 ( again!) at the cinema.  Thus giving Grandma an opportunity to take a 10 minute power nap!
Later we made chocolate cake and  English pizza for tea (AKA cheese on toast)  Before daddy came to pick up a very tired  Geezer and take him home.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would find such contentment and happiness from a simple day with my grandson.  I couldn’t be happier if I was a millionaire.

Love Denise


6 thoughts on “LA DOLCE VITA!

  1. So, what is the correct name for genitals?! 😉 I had to laugh that you're secretly training Geezer to be your biking buddy. Stephane is already plotting to turn our as yet non-existant grandchildren into his skiing buddies.I love the photo of Geezer and you – you look like one very happy lady, Denise. And Geezer looks very comfortable snuggled up with his grandma. While I won't get to see Bolton, I'm going to visit your corner of the world next week when I go to Buxton with Stephane. Please let me know if there are any "must see" villages. We've been to the Peak District before but only spent a couple of days there.


  2. Oh, so near and yet so far! Buxton is just the other side of Manchester and the end of my concessionary train pass. Janet, who posts here regularly, lives just up the road from there, so she is the best person to ask for "must see" local villages….. Tatton park, ( a local stately home)and Knutsford the village nearby, are the nearest places I can think of. Also Lyme park another national trust house and garden, is not far.http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/lyme-park/ http://www.tattonpark.org.uk/ I know the town well. I had a "train day" to Buxton, some time ago but never posted the pictures. A nice old Victorian spa town set in beautiful countryside.Love Denise


  3. Thanks for the information and links, Denise! I'll check them out and develop a plan. I'm already dreaming of the cream tea that I shall have one afternoon. 🙂


  4. Buxton is indeed a lovely old Victorian spa town with a very popular festival and theatre, Buxton Opera House. I think the festival has finished now, but there is always something going on there. The Pavillion Gardens and palm house are beautiful. Places worth a visit nearby include Matlock Bath, another small spa town built in a beautiful gorge and Lyme Park, a National Trust stately home and park which featured in the BBC series Pride and Prejudice.I'm sure there is at least one good place for afternoon tea in both Buxton and Matlock Bath!


  5. Janet, Thank you for all of the tips. I'm in Buxton now and am pleased to say that you're absolutely right that there's always something going on here. I went to one of the GIlbert and Sullivan Festival shows at the Opera House last night and have booked two tours for today. I've duly noted your suggestions for Lyme Park and Matlock Bath. We stayed in Matlock about 5 years ago but didn't see as much of it as we would have liked because we were jetlagged.As for afternoon tea, I had one yesterday and hope to have another one today! :)Thanks again!


  6. I'm really pleased you like Buxton, and would definitely recommend Lyme Park, especially if the weather is dry, the house itself and formal gardens are lovely and the rest of the park has some great walks.Hope you got your second afternoon tea!


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