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At this time of year, parc Floral is usually ablaze with colour, but yesterday it was just green,a few flowers, no waterlillies and lots of weeds!  
Here is a library picture of what it usually looks like, as I have broken my iphone and cannot take any pictures
As we walked towards the Grande Scene, the auditorium in the middle of the parc, my heart sank.  Not only was the parc drab, the music coming from the stage was very  hardcore jazz. “doodly do” as I call it. Had I got up at 0300h and travelled nearly 500 miles for this?  It was meant to be about Cole Porter music, one of my favourite composers.  Even Michael, the jazz fan said they were “pushing the boundaries
Still the afternoon was balmy, the crowd was friendly so we sat down and I closed my eyes and let the music wash over me.  My theory is that this kind of jazz is like the sounds in the womb, which appeal to some primeval core and soon I found my self in some sort of meditative state…or I fell asleep, not sure which!  When this happens there is always a type of switch goes off in my head and I come to (wake up) fully alert and refreshed.  When I came to, I recognised “the A train” melody and then they were playing sounds like a train on a journey.  then I understood what they were doing. Very clever. 
The audience gave them a standing ovation, so somebody liked them.
Here is their blurb
Saturday june 30 – 4:00 pm – Main Stage
Denis CHAROLLES drums, percussion / Raphaël QUENEHEN saxophones / Julien EIL flute, saxophone, bass clarinet / Gueorgui KORNAZOV trombone / Aymeric AVICE trumpet / Didier ITHURSARRY accordion / Thibault CELLIER double bass / Rémi DUMOULIN saxophone, clarinet
There are various ways to pay one’s debts to the great creators of the past. This collective outfit has chosen to respect the original spirit of famous written pages written by Duke Ellington and Thelonious Monk, yet feel free to open new doors for the imagination. The result is exhilarating!

We had got up at 0300h to catch our flight, ( because he wouldn’t pay the extra to get the 0940 flight!) and get to Paris early. But when we got to CDG, Michaels checked in luggage was lost.  I always take a carry on, but he refuses, and tired grumpy and upset, because he had persuaded me to put my suit for the races in there, I just held back from saying “I told you so” and starting a big argument before we had even GOT to Paris.
Still all was OK when the case turned up a couple of hour later, but we had wasted time and I had dropped and broken my  iphone so sorry not pictures for this trip other than what. I find in the internet.
This is our apartment in Paris, just as illustrated.  Micheal really likes it.  Olivier my landlord always has good flats.  I have used him a lot and this is the fifth property of his that I have seen or used.
Off to the races today. So better get myself dressed up!
Love Denise

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  1. Well,at least it turned out all right in the end, but no phone and no piccies! Such a shame! The apartment looks really nice, nice and light and airy. Have a lovely day at the races, hope the weather stays fine for you.


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