ONE DAY AT A TIME (day three)

The blue route City tour bus had been stopped for a while.  In front of us there are Police and ambulance.  Unfortunately there has been a crash and we are not going anywhere.

Eventually all the tourists get off the bus, but I have no idea where I am.  Somewhere near “Fat Margaret’s tower”   which I vaguely remember is at the gate of the north end of the old town.

Fortunately wherever you are in Tallinn there are always landmarks to head toward.  The high rise glass skyscraper towers of the modern hotels or the ancient spires and towers of the old town.

This is the second time I have been lost today.  Our plan was to visit the Kadriorg Palace, an art gallery set in a lovely park but we got on the wrong bus, realised our mistake, got off, then did not know where we were.

So we found our way back to Viru Valjak, the square where the tour bus starts, having an undrinkable cup of tea full of tea leaves in Pushkin cafe nearby and by which time Michael was suffering an attack of Tallinn tummy… But at least it had given us an opportunity to see some of Tallinn.



 Viru Valjak,

I took the tourbus alone and it took me through some pleasant Tallinn suburbs with Typical wooden houses, along wide boulevards and around a large shopping centre, the commentry with historical and political information, but I’m afraid I dozed off on the bus in the warmth of the sunshine.

The morning did not start well with a nose bleed for Michael and a scalded hand for me.After breakfast we went in search of  meeting of a fellowship we are both long term members of .

Leaving the old town behind we found lots of contrast with new developments of modern hotels, shopping malls and office buildings set at the side of old soviet architecture and some crumbling buildings.
The towering Swissotel claims to be the best in Tallinn, certainly the interior is beautiful, the service five star and the flower arrangement s typically artistic. But personally we would rather be in the old town. We looked at the menu and thought  we might return for afternoon tea one day at only 10 euro.


We found the meeting in a street of utilitarian apartment blocks and spent great couple of hours with friendly people who welcomed  us warmly.

Now trying to get back to the hotel, I wander from the North gate of the old town and marvel at this place and how it has survived intact through all kinds of upheaval and invasion..  I know it is an insult to say that it is like a film set but it IS, there is a sense of unreality.

This evening, there was another concert in the town square.  This time it was heavy rock.  We had a pleasant meal of tender baby pork loin, with roast potatoes and pureed carrots at a gastro pub in the old town.   I am very  impressed with the quality of food I have been eating in the touristy places.

Finally, some Tallin window shopping.

Tomorrow, Helsinki.

Love from Tallin


3 thoughts on “ONE DAY AT A TIME (day three)

  1. The photo of the blue shelves with the colorful boots is blog-stopping. I went back to look at it several times. Were the shelves hanging on a fence with no obvious purpose? Is it a work of art? Were the boots hurting the feet of a passerby so much that she abandoned them? It's very intriguing.


  2. Mary Kay….I don't know! we just came across the boots, hanging on a fence on some waste ground near the graffiti.Maybe they are meant to be art, graffiti? who knows! or as you say maybe somebody just abandoned them because their feet hurt!


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