Holidays loom again….oh life is just too exciting!  This time we are going for TWELVE days, first to Tallin in Estonia, then a ferry ride to Helsinki in Finland and then back to Tallin to tour around Estonia. We are staying in hotels for a change,  and we will be on the move, so no handy washers. We need to be able to handle to luggage easily.

Normally my trips are much shorter and I survive with a carry on case.  The longest I have survived with a carry on is 8 days in January.  With a washer in an apartment.

Check in baggage with easyjet are expensive, and we need to keep luggage to a minimum as we will be on the move a lot. So the challenge is , can I survive with my carry on?  Easyjet have no weight restriction but the size should be no more than 56cm x45cm x25cm including wheels…People on TA claim to survive for three months with a small  case. so here goes……

 here is my packing method……and for future reference my packing list.

step one, assemble all the liquids
As you can see I decant as  much as I can into small pots.  Contact  lens cases are useful. Otherwise toothpaste, moisturiser, hair conditioner, (which I only use a tiny blob of,) liquid make up, are all in small pots. Actually the make up primer “airbrush away” could go in a smaller container. See if it fits.
Shampoo is normally in a smaller bottle but this is a “travel size and fits.
Hand sanitiser.
Perfume 50ml.
Travel size  roll on deodorant.
Mascara and Touche Eclat.
One colour of lipstick and blusher as all outfits match.
Contact lens cleaner and contact lenses.
Eye comfort drops.
put in small zip plastic bag.
step two. assemble all non clothes items. Remember easyjet do not allow a separate handbag.

Lightest shoes, with socks stuffed inside.
Blow up pillow, eye mask and ear plugs. (you never know when you may be stranded at an airport!
Medicines,  Pain killers, anti emetic, anti diarrhoeal, usual supplemants.
Prescription medicines.
Small first aid kit with plasters, dressings and antiseptic wipes.
Compeed blister plasters.
Non liquid make up items.
Make up remover pads.
Shower cap.
Hair brushes
Shower comb.
Magnifying mirror.
Factor 50 sunblock stick.
Socket adaptors.
Portable shower bracket.
Portable hook with pegs to hang washing
Microfibre towel.
Coin purse.
Card wallet.

step three.roll up all the clothes tightly.
The rules for clothes are.  They must all match each other and be lightwiight.
 The principle is that light layers can be worn over each other dependent of the temperature of the weather. Thus trapping air between the layers to keep warm if it is cold. So suitable for all seasons. Also lighter clothes are easier to wash if necessary.
Here I aim to pack.
Twelve pair of knickers (have to have a clean pair daily, cannot count on washing!)
Six bras.  
Three pairs of pyjamas.
twelve pairs black socks(similarly, NEED clean socks!)
two pairs tights, black/neutral.
three pairs hold ups
One black underskirt
six tops,,,,, orange/red colours
three vest tops,,,, black white and peach.
two pairs…. One skinny jeans, one thicker cord .
two dresses in similar colours. 
one leggings, to go with above dress.
one jacket to match above
one swimming costume
one pair of flat black comfy shoes.
I will wear, my heaviest shoes with heels. Jeans, top black cardigan, and Orange coat .
So here goes! ( at this stage I really don’t believe all this will fit in)

Here is the empty case size. Size 56cm (22″) long x 36cm (14″ ) wide x 24cm (10″) deep. Well within  Easyjet restrictions. It is separated into three compartments.
First shoes to the side, and non clothes spread around the base.
Next..tightly pack  a layer of rolled up tops trousers and vests.

Finally for this compartment fold best dress and jacket around each other to minimise creasing.

Next compartment. Underwear and pyjamas

Not forgetting the handbag.
Finally, in the outside pocket, netbook connections phone charger and liquids.

Closes easily!

Weight 13kg.

Opps! forgot the hairdryer.
STILL zips up easily.  Great!
Love from Bolton
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  1. That's amazing, Denise! It's incredible that you could fit everything in your bag and that it only weighed 13 kgs.We were surprised when they weighed our carry on case for our Air France flight to the States. It seems that the airlines are going to start cracking down on the amount that people carry onboard, so this post is extremely timely.I hope that you'll report back and let us know how you managed during the trip. Was there anything that you wish that you would have taken? Did you take anything that you didn't need?Since I know that you're someone who likes to pack in advance, I'm not sure if you've left yet. But when you do – Bon voyage! I look forward to discovering Estonia through your blog!Oh, and rolling my clothes has always worked really well for me. That's the way that travel experts advise people to pack.


  2. Anne, clothes actually stay very unwrinkled if you roll them carefully, but I try to choose clothes that don't crease easily. However this trip, having just returned from Paris and not had time to my travel things, I haven't bothered ironing anything and just asked reception for an iron and ironing board to iron a couple of things.Mary Kay…I also am amazed when I look how much I have fitted into my case and thought it would weigh much more. Just arrived in Tallinn and Ok so far. Will keep you posted if I miss anything. Air France have a 10kg weight restriction from the Uk for carry ons, which is a BIG challenge. I recently managed a five day trip within the weight restriction but it was difficult. However I noticed that people on the flights blatantly flout the size regulations and they have never checked the weight. So maybe they are cracking down.


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